Thursday, October 21, 2010

Used Pattern Storage Problem.......Solved!!!

Hey Guys, 

Thanks for all of your responses to my last post! As I figured you guys would be a wealth of information and help me solve my little debacle. As soon as I read some of your entries the light bulb went off in my head.

As I said before I really don't want to fold down my ironed patterns too much so I won't be putting them back in their the 6X9" manilla envelopes assigned to them (remember I archive the original pattern envelopes in sheet protectors within large binders). I know it's crazy, but once I've unfolded them I don't like to fold them back up all that much. Plus some of my popular patterns are interfaced (to increase longevity) so there's no way I can squeeze them back into the envelope anyway.

So I've decided to organize my used patterns 2 different ways. For those used patterns I repeatedly sew, I will store them in a larger manilla envelope (9X12 or so), write the pattern name and number as I do with my regular filing system here and file them away by number. Thanks Joy for the HELPFUL suggestion (wink)! Now I can easily distinguish my favorite sewing patterns because they'll be in larger manilla envelopes. I love the manilla envelope system!!!

For patterns that aren't as popular, I'll store them in ziploc bags labeled with their name and number, or maybe even think about storing them back in their originally assigned manila envelope. I failed to mention in the last post that I've tried storing patterns in plastic ziplocs before---it works great with my daughters patterns. Again, I didn't want to put my favorite patterns in ziplocs (since the large one's weren't large enough for my taste) so I brushed off the idea.  Either way, with the infrequently used patterns I don't care about them being folded down, and provided they aren't too bulky for my plastic filing bins I might consider putting them back in the 6X9" envelopes. There's always room for compromise.

Whew........I can breathe better! So happy that's solved. I have to have a good system. Without it there's chaos. Thanks again for your help!!! I can't wait to get home and get my patterns organized:)


  1. So glad you've figured out a system that will work for you.

  2. I'm glad you found a solution! now did you ever find that missing wrap dress pattern?

  3. Lois, I'll start sorting through things when I get home. Hopefully it will turn up! Keep your fingers crossed:)

  4. I store mine in large manila envelopes too. I never thought to iron my pattern - that would be such a good idea ... I've started tracing mine, so I have the original pattern and the parts I've traced off to store, so there is no way I'd be fitting it back into the teeny tiny pattern envelope. I usually cut apart the original envelope and glue it on the front of the big manila. Sometimes I print and paste a picture of my finished garment to the envelope too - and then make notes on the back of what I did.

  5. That was a good idea, I have to copy it .... Death to the chaotic of patterns, LOL

  6. Glad you found a solution, chaos is terrible and I absolutely hate not being able to find something!!! Sorry I missed that post and glad you found a solution!

  7. I also use manila envelopes. Since I like to keep the pattern envelope, I copy the pattern envelope front and glue it to the front of the manila envelope - that way I can tell at a glance what's inside...I also have them archived in a software system, but I'm a cpa, so I tend to be a bit OCD.....

  8. Great system Victoria,
    I see how you solved a your dilemma.
    Nice to be at your blog.

    I sew too, but am nowhere near your level of talent :D
    All the best,


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