Thursday, October 7, 2010

Keeping my Sewing Mojo Under House Arrest!!!

Maintaining one's sewing mojo can be a tricky undertaking. Quite naturally when you're obsessed with sewing as much as we are (I say We, because I know you feel the same way) you want to do it ALL of the TIME!!!  It's true, we think about it all of the time and can't wait to move from one project to the next. You know, I'd love to devote all of my time to sewing but there's a small thing called LIFE and then there are RESPONSIBLIITES (which are a component of Life) that get in the way of me fulfilling that strong desire. LOL! As a result, life's requirements can oftentimes kick my sewing mojo to the curve making it feel overlooked and unwanted.

But as you know I'm trying to complete a sewing challenge and ultimately rack up 10,000 sewing hours.  So despite all that's going on in life I still have to keep the sewing mojo steady if I'm going to reach my goals of becoming an Expert Seamstress. So I have implemented a few sewing Rules (or as I like to mischievously refer to as tricks) to keep my sewing mojo "under house arrest" and to work to counteract those things that can steal and drain my mojo.

My "rules/tricks" may seem a bit stringent to the sewing hobbyist and that's understandable. But again, I'm super serious about my sewing goals and know that the only way to achieve them I have to be dilligent, disciplined, focused, and committed.

So here are my Rules/Tricks:

1.I HAVE to sew weekly: This is part of my 10,000Hr Sewing challenge rules posted in my blog side bar. I absolutely have to sew. It doesn't matter if I feel like it or not. To be disciplined, I have to sew even when I don't feel like it. Even if I don't get to finish, I still have to sew. Obviously the exceptions are when I'm out of town, on vacation, etc.

2.Push Pause: It's Ok to push pause on a project:  I can start a project, but if my sewing mojo wanes, I can abandon that project but have to pick up another one that peaks my interest and finish it. You know us seamstresses are always changing our minds.

3.Keep Moving: Whatever I do, I MUST keep MOVING!  If I'm sewing and I get stuck on a step, I need to either move on to another step if possible or just sleep on it for the night. I suffer from I like to call "Paralysis of Analysis" (it's a true disease LOL!!!) and I could spend all day analyzing and overthinking a problem and get nothing accomplished in the process. I've learned to turn the brain off and work so I don't lose my momentum. And if I'm really stuck, just to walk away. I try to keep in mind that it's just one project and and as soon as it's done I'll be moving on to the next one. So I try not to sweat every detail--but sometimes I can't help it.

4. Take a BREAK: If I get tired of sewing I should take some time to rest or even better, go and do some housework. Usually doing housework always will snap me back to reality (hey who wouldn't rahter be sewing than doing housework). But taking breaks is a Must!

5. NO TV while Sewing: I wrote a post about that HERE. Now occasionally I'll cheat but I've found that I'm more accurate and make less mistakes without the .....

6. Organize, Organize, Organize: I have to organize my time and don't obsess. I usually plan how I will complete a project within a week.  If things don't go as planned and I don't get to spend as much time sewing, then I'll try to make up for it the next time.

7. Sew Guilt-FREE: It's hard to sew when you feel like the worst Wife or Mother in the world. Family has to come first. I'm fortunate that my family respect my love for sewing but I try my best to keep things balanced. I schedule sewing days where they least interfere with "family time". And of course I make sure that the family stays fed, happy, and healthy. Again, I'm not perfect but I try to keep things balanced. On days I have big sewing deadlines, I allow my daughter to hang out with me in my sewing room where she can color and we can talk while I sew.

8. Keep it Challenging: You guys help me with this. I gain alot of inspiration from your blogs and work. I'll try sewing anything at least once. And I love the thought of being to sew garments from tailored jackets to swimsuits. I love the things I'm good at sewing but I definitely want to branch out and try new things.

9. Use My Resources: I'm definitely still learning and often forget the things I've learned. Hey I am only human. So if I have a brain fart, I don't hesitate a second to find an answer to a sewing question. I have a ton of sewing book and other seamstresses I can chat with. So I usually end up solving alot of my sewing issues.

Last but NOT least.......

10.Have FUN: I refuse to take sewing SO serious (sometimes I do though and have to snap back to reality). We learn from Triumphs and Failures. I'm learning to accept the bitter with the sweet because in the end it all equates to LEARNING. One of my favorite quotes is by Mother Theresa and it hangs on a plaque on my Sewing Room says......

So "Trying" is definitely what I will keep doing!!!

So these are some of the rule/tricks I use to try to keep my Sewing Mojo around. The more I sew, the more new rules I come up with and add to this list. I know you've got some tricks of your own. How do you keep your Sewing Mojo under house arrest?


  1. my sewing machine is sick today (Read Not working) i called the service mechanic who said he can come only by tomorrow. I am feeling handicapped, unable to keep my sewing mojo under control.....

    9 day Navarathri festival begins today and i have my hands full, with this backdrop i am feeling left out without my sewing machine, imagine during normal days..... Sewing is therapy and is addictive....

  2. That is such a great post, Victoria! It's very inspiring to read others' techniques, not just for sewing but also for keeping the mojo, time management, etc. I definitely suffer from analysis paralysis which is why I often take the slapdash route - it may not be perfect, but at least it's done and I didn't lose my momentum! I also have overplanning paralysis, meaning that if I think about it too long, the garment is finished in my mind and I lose the mojo to actually execute my idea. The solution to that is to start sewing as soon as possible after an idea enters my mind.

  3. I love your approach to sewing (and it certainly has yielded fabulous results!) so I think I'm going to steal a few of your rules - I especially like the sew guilt free one.

  4. Been there done that with the paralysis of analysis... LOL (great description, btw!). These are good rules.

    If I make three mistakes in a row on the same step, it's time to step away for a while and let a solution gel. Coming back with a different point of view helps me find the solution.

    I quilt and craft sew. So each piece for me is inspired by a fabric or a person. I'm an emotional sewist -- very stream of consciousness. For me it's a one woman ministry and art.

    I need to get the guts up to try apparel. Will start with kids clothes. Got a grandbaby on the way. :-)

  5. AMEN.
    I get so cranky/grateful when life gets in the way of my sewing.......

  6. I needed this! My mojo has definitely waned with all this school work! I also have little quick fix projects to get done, and everytime I sit down to work on a project all I can think about is getting my mom's pants hemmed or whatnot. I have a 4 day weekend this weekend (YAY!!!) and I am going to get all that done and get started on a new project! I need to get my groove back! I also agree with you on the TV thing. I make more mistakes when I sew with TV in the room. I like listen to my itunes when I sew! By the way, sending an email your way! :)

  7. These are great rules. I think they will help me; so I am going to try to apply at least some of them to see if I can't be more productive. I am with you with the no TV, organizing and keeping the family first. I have several projects that I've started but didn't finish because I moved on to another project. My current new rule is to go back and finish those before starting another one.

  8. These points are amazing! I love your take on sewing! And that whole paralysis of analysis - genius! Did you make that up?? That is so me.

  9. K-Line, I actually heard of the term "paralysis of analysis" and I just can't remember where but it always stuck. I've waited all my life to define the insanity of my thinking!LOL!

  10. A very good post with inspiring words. I have lost my sewing mojo. I have all my projects on the drafting table but I just can't get to sew them. Always something comes up and I feel un-inspired to do anything. The weather here in Sweden is not helping either. It's always cold and rainy (no sun). I am trying to get inspirations from blog posts like yours. let's see if the sewing mojo shows up soon!

  11. Oh my goodness...I need to adopt all of these rules! I'm also glad someone actually put a name to that dreadful disease too (paralysis of analysis!)

  12. Victoria -

    It is truly a blessing to be able to recognize the need for balance in life. I honor you for your clarity and the ability to put that very real need into perspective and then sharing it here on this blog. HAPPY NEW YEAR.


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