Sunday, April 4, 2010

Vogue 1182 Kay Unger Design---Pic Heavy

I can't say how happy I was to complete this dress. As most of you know I blogged about how I came to the idea of using this pattern here . So I'm thankful that I was able to get it in time and within a week it was completed and I was able to wear it to church today.

Vogue 1182
Pattern Description:
Fitted, above mid-knee, lined, sleeveless dresses with princess seams, front pleats, large collar, back slit opening and invisible zipper closing.
Pattern Sizing:
I cut the size 12 and graded up to a 14 for lower waist and hips.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
Absolutely, Absolutely, Absolutely!!!

 (the back view....)

 (and my dainty shoes)
Were the instructions easy to follow?
Pretty much! The pattern is rated average and rightly so since it is fully lined. It only has 44 steps and is pretty straight forward! I had a few "moments of puzzlement" when it came to adding the lining to the left and right fronts but after staring at the pictures and reading the instructions out loud (it's amazing how well that works---LOL!!!) I figured it out.

(Inside the dress)

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
It was the shawl collar and the waist pleats that attracted me to this pattern in the first place. It's so regal and sophisticated!  It's also very well drafted and came together relatively easy. There was really nothing to dislike about the pattern.

Fabric Used:
A Floral shantung
(This is what the fabric really looks like up close.)
Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:
I made a muslin to evaluate the pattern's fit and as a result made the following changes:

1. I noticed the shawl collar was really wide. Maybe it's because I had narrow shoulders but I felt like I was back in my teens when I used to wear those crazy sailor tops. As a result I reduced the width of the collar (both upper and lower) an inch  and tapering down to 1/2" and then to nothing beginning from the widest curved part of the collar to the narrowest. Note: To make the reduction easier, I overlayed the upper and lower collar pattern pieces and cut off the extra on both so the changes would be identical.
(See how wide the collar is. It doesn't appear to be this wide on the pattern pic.)

2. Since I'm shortwaisted (especially in the back) I had to tuck out 6/8" (total 1.5") from the lower and side back sections and taper to nothing at the side seams. That way I got rid of the extra fabric that was pooled above my rear. My small back ( which is 14" long by 14" wide) is the exact reason why it's hard for me to find fitted RTW dresses. The back's of those dresses are always a little longer then mine.
(See the excess fabric at my lower back. The red mark shows where I needed to make my 6/8" tuck)

Outside of those 2 changes I really didn't need to do anything else.  There was one other adjustment that I had to make in my muslin and fortunately didn't need to make in my finished garment. In my muslin I noticed too much bagginess in the front panel of the dress beneath the pleats. To get rid of it I just deepened the seams of the front/front side panel about 6" or so beneath the pleats--you know like if you were doing a curved dart. That immediately got rid of the fullness in the mid section. Again, it turned out that after I made my dress I didn't need to do this. I think the weave of the shantung fabric was much tighter then the muslin.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
Probably so!!!! Next time I'd love to do it in a solid---maybe a rich, deep burgundy shantung. But I'm in no real hurry. I think this pattern was perfect for the fabric I chose for my Easter dress. I strongly recommend this dress to anyone!!!

I LOVE this Dress!!!! It's definitely one of my favorites!!! It's great that it's rated to fit most figure types and is relatively easy to make with such a great end result.

Happy Easter / Resurrection Day


  1. That turned out gorgeous! Love the floral print!

  2. I'm new to your blog, and loving it. The Easter dress is absolutely lovely. Thanks for your description of your alterations--always interesting. I have a short back as well (i'm only 4'11') and shortening the back is the first thing I do on a pattern. Happy Easter!

  3. I love it! That fabric is just gorgeous on you, and the fit is perfect! Thanks for the advice about the collar - I'm planning to make this in shantung as well, and I don't like a huge collar.

  4. Very nice, it sure was a great idea to do the muslin first.

  5. I love this! I can't wait to buy all my Vogue patterns this week when they go on sale at Joann and now I'm definately getting this one. And thank you for the Easter note.......He is Risen!!!

  6. It's just gorgeous! Beautiful fit, beautiful fabric. Thanks for taking the time to comment on my muslin today. :)

  7. It's so amazing. And the difference between the muslin and the finished product is notable! You've got the final version to fit beautifully - esp. in the back and in the neckline. What a great Easter outfit.

  8. Wow, this dress looks great and it's beautiful on you! Awesome job, and great review.

  9. Oh this is lovely! I really want to make this dress now. You look gorgeous and I love your shoes!

  10. That's a beautiful thing. Nice sewing! And, I heart those shoes!

  11. Very gorgeous! I can't wait to get over with this move and start sewing! My hands are itching! :)

  12. Perfect pairing of fabrics and pattern. I wish I could find similar fabrics in California :)

  13. I love the dress! Especially the floral fabric with the sophisticated shape... Gorgeous, and perfect for Easter!

  14. What a fabulous Easter dress! You look amazing in it - the fabric is gorgeous and the style suits you so well.

  15. The dress is beautiful and worked perfectly!
    In particular I am envious of this beautiful shoes ;-).

  16. Beautiful dress that fits to perfection! Love it.

  17. Very pretty! I'll be making this pattern up soon and was looking forward to seeing yours finished. Thanks for posting the review.

  18. I just bought this pattern and now am real excited about making it. You look fabulous in it and you did a beaufiful job. Thank you for review.

  19. I LOVE that dress!!! It looks fabulous on you, and yes..PRAISE GOD, HE IS RISEN!!!!

  20. You did a beautiful job with this dress. It looks fabulous on you. Nice job!!

  21. Wow! It's really stunning on you! I love the fabric, and the fit is beautiful... What a treasure!!!

  22. You are too fast! I am still waiting until this coming Sunday so I can purchase the Vogue patterns on sale at Joann's and you already made this fabulous dress.

  23. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

  24. HE is risen indeed!

    Beautiful Easter dress!! Do you mind my asking, about how often do you make a muslin? Every new pattern? What do you use for your muslin? Thanks!


  25. Love love love that dress - and you certainly do make it look STUNNING! I found you by clicking through from, and had to subscribe (hope you don't mind!). You have now inspired me to work towards the ten thousand. I have about ten on the clock already! Looking forward to more inspiration!

  26. LOVE THE DRESS AND LOVE THE EASTER MESSAGE----Creative people are close to the Creator HIMSELF!!! You tap into HIS strength cuase HE loves you unrelentlessly ----it shows by what you created through HIM


  27. Beautiful dress! Fits beautifully and looks RTW. Now about your back alteration - did you do this on a dress form or did you get somebody to check the back for you? I have a hard time with this and usually twist in the mirror to see the problem then work it out roughly on the dress form but can't ever get it right.

  28. I was on Pattern Review reading some reviews on the latest vogue and clicked over to see your blog! I live in Savannah also! Small world!

    I am now a follower, and I can't wait to see some more of your creations!

  29. Another winner! And the a perfect fit. Two snaps up! ;-)

  30. I am about to make this dress and found your review so helpful. Thank you. Hope my version turns out as well as yours did. Great dress.

  31. Thank you sooo much! Your comments on this pattern and your photos really helped me make some important decisions (I may use this pattern for my wedding dress.) You rock! Thanks for sharing!!!


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