Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm Finally Back.....and ready to FIRE up the sewing machine!

It's so good to be back home from AK and to see my Babies (first my Husband and Daughter, then my sewing machines!!!) My free time was so slim while I  was away. I've desperately missed reading all of your blogs and following your progress. I've got some catching up to do. And I've also got a lot of blog posting to do of my own.

I'm so happy that I made my flannel pants. From the picture you can tell that I really needed them. When I ran outside to take this picture it was about -10F, that's right -10F. Excuse the expression on my face but my friend had a problem taken the pic and the cold was starting get to me-----Boy was it COLD!!!! But my pants, which are McCall's 5992 kept me toasty at night (indoors of course--LOL). I made 3 pairs using 3 types of fabric and here I am modeling the one with the moon and stars on it! Since I have several more trips back to AK, I'll be sure to bring them along each time.  I chose not to do a PR review of this pattern since flannel pants are pretty easy, but I have to admit the pattern wasn't drafted well (some notches didn't match up) but I could work through it considering how straight forward sewing sleep pants are.

(Here's a closer shot)

Due to this trip I lost about a week or two of serious sewing time and I'm anxious to get back to the grind. Thus in a couple of days I'll be posting my new 10,000 Hour Sewing Challenge goals for May & June and reviewing what I accomplished for March and part of April. But before I do that I just realized that next Sunday is Mother's day (I can't believe it) and I have to get moving on making my Mother's day dress. So I've already pulled my fabric and now I'm stuck between deciding on 2 patterns. Here's my fabric and potential patterns....

The fabric is a beautiful silk charmeuse with gorgeous hues of mauve, red, tan, and gold in the shapes of palm fronds on a white background. This fabric is heavenly. It's extremely beautiful and I was hoping to capture that beauty in the perfect pattern.  Hopefully by tomorrow I'll finally decide on which pattern to use! I could really use your input. Which pattern do you think is best?


  1. Hi! Love the name of your blog, I'm sure I must have done at least ten thousand hours of sewing by now..
    I vote for the Mccall's wrap dress, because I love the ruffle and think it goes with the feeling of feathers.. but if you like the vogue one more, it's more classic and lets the fabric do the talking. Gorgeous fabric! Look forward to see what it turns into..

  2. Welcome back! Yikes, Alaska looks cold!

    I'm partial to the Vogue designer patterns, so I vote for the Tracy Reese.

  3. Welcome back....Hope it wasn't so, we had a storm here yesterday too. I have the Mccall's presently cut out , I really love the style, your fabric will be so nice for the pattern. All being said, you have the final decision girl..Have a great weekend

  4. I like them both, although the wrap on the McCall's (which was my easter dress) is a bit skimpy. It doesn't tolerate anything faster than a sedate walk or you are exposing a LOT of leg. I love it though. The flounces are really fun.

  5. I like the Tracy Reese dress. I think it will really show the fabric to its best advantage. I can't believe you went outside in that COLD and took a picture! :) Glad you're back home safe and sound with your loved ones.

  6. Nice to read your post! Welcome back!

    I think the Tracy Reese dress pattern would suit the fabric choice...

  7. Glad you made it safely back and that your sleep pants kept you warm and toasty. I've always wanted to go to Alaska but on vacation...not work. I vote for the McCalls dress. I have that pattern and might even whip it up before next Sunday. Thanks too for your e-mail to check up on me. I've really gotten into scrapbooking lately and although I've been sewing, the scrapbooking has kept me from blogging as much as I usually do. I've got to find a happy medium between the two.


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