Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Survival Sewing.......

Ok, so I'm throwing in the towel so to speak.  It was my desire to get some more spring wardrobe sewing in before my research trip to Alaska but it's not looking like that's going to happen. With my trip less than a week away, a pile of client alterations to get done, and on top of that trying to recover from a nasty stomach virus that's left me bedridden for 2 days--- it's time for a slight change of plans. Remember, when one plan fails, you just make a new one, right.....

So because the mere thought of being unable to sew while I'm in Alaska for a week is overwhelming, I know I've just got to squeeze some in before I leave on next Tuesday. Well since I'm headed to a place that's way colder (today was 2F with windchill) then the 85F weather I'm currently experiencing. So I thought I'd do some "justifiable" sewing. Why not make warm and cozy pajama pants!!!! Heck, it's about time I finally sew up some of that $0.99/yd Warm and Cozy Flannel fabric I collected over the years from Jo-Ann Fabrics Black Friday sales. I could definitely use the warm sleep pants for those cold nights. Here are the 3 fabrics I plan to use........... Aren't they just adorable?

So that's just what I'll do...........


  1. Cute fabrics - I always want to make warm fuzzy PJ pants but never take the time. Hope you're better from your stomach bug - it's no fun travelling with that.

  2. Hope you are feeling better now! :)

  3. Those will make great cozy pjs... and hope you are feeling better.

  4. Hope you're over that stomach virus - those things are nasty! Your flannel fabrics are lovely - wonderfully cheerful for a cold night.

  5. I made flannel pj pants for the first time this year (used fleece in the past but the bf objected to fleece) and I love them! So cozy.

  6. I just found your blog, and hope you have a nice trip to Alaska. Don't know what research you do? Sounds interesting...I like research of things. Anyways, I love those cute pants fabrics. You look like you must be a fun person...esp if you would sew and wear them. All my PJ's are bold fabrics like these and I buy them for my adult kids also. Each Christmas we have a tradition of giving them cartoon PJ's and they love them! :) I'll have to start doing that for my 6 grandchildren.

  7. those things are nasty! Your flannel fabrics are lovely - wonderfully cheerful for a cold night.
    Baby Bedding

  8. Congratulations for being featured on Pattern Review!
    Your flannel pj fabrics are perfect, they will cheer you up and keep you warm.
    My sewing kryptonite is any fine hand sewing, I just hate it.
    But I force myself to do it.
    Hurry back to the warmth!
    When you get back, please take apeek at my blog

    Keep sewing!


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