Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sept & Oct Wrap up; Nov & Dec 10,000 Hour Challenge goals.....

Singing....."It's a NEW month. Oh, how exciting, it's a new month"!!! Well we're already 6 days into November. I get excited about new months because I get to reflect on my bi monthly sewing plans and create new one's 2 months in advance. Of course I'm all about my 10,000 hour Sewing challenge!!!! See my side bar to see my accumulated sewing/sewing related activity hours.

Although my November & December sewing plans aren't complete, I've got some cool things in the works. But before we get to them I need to re-cap the September and October sewing......

1. NewLook 6130 Peplum top
2. NewLook 6210 High Performance Knit dress
3. McCall 2853 Reversible capes (client work)

Looking back I didn't sew a thing for myself in September. I practiced my draping lessons and fitting pants but didn't end up with a final project. But I think I made up for it in October when I churned out that HUGE client cape order and 2 dresses. So it evens itself out I suppose. I logged

As far as new plans go for the final 2 months I intend to.....

1. Sew some of my fall wardrobe (detailed in my video)---that list includes a coat and lots of separate pieces---skirts, tops, vests, etc.
2. I found out I'm invited to a swanky event in December so I have to sew up a nice semi-formal dress. I'm so used to doing formal gowns so making something a little less dramatic but high fashion should pose a nice challenge. I'll start blogging about my ideas soon.
3. I've got several client projects to work through.
4. I also will be celebrating my 3 year blogoversary in a few weeks so expect a giveaway or two.
5. Pick back up with my draping lessons.
6. Re-organize my blog template (working on that now so please forgive if things are out of sorts)

So all in all, I hope to go out this year with a BANG!!!! So that's what's coming up.

Currently I'm working on a top and skirt for this weekend.......

Well that's what's up with me.  How about you, you have any exciting new sewing plans to share?


  1. So I'll still keep an eye out for your draping posts :)

  2. Yes I have been having problems with puckering and bunching so my goals for november and december is too sit down and get those issue together :) Can't wait to see what you make for your fall wardrobe.

  3. I'll enjoy seeing what you sew for your semi-formal in December!

  4. Look forward to seeing the semi-formal. I made that vogue top as one of my first projects when I started to sew earlier this year and it's one of the few things I wear regularly. Love it. Be forewarned - the neckline is low (and wide). I have to wear a cami or never bend over!


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