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NewLook 6120 "The High Performance" White Knit dress!

I love the name I've given this dress!!! It kinda makes me giggle. It's all based on the unconventional fabric I used for it. I used a "high performance knit" that I found in the dancewear/ athletic wear fabric aisle at Hancocks. I feel like I could just run a mile in this dress comforted by the thought that it would wick away my sweat and keep me cool and dry! LOL!

Before I found the HPWK I had the hardest time finding a good fabric for this dress. I picked up a ponte knit but didn't like it's drape. I visited both my local Hancock & Jo-Ann's with no luck. So finally on Friday (the day before the birthday party I needed the dress for) I decided to go back to Hancock for a second look. I really was SURPRISED to run across this fabric. This fabric is SO nice and it's hard to imagine that it's used as a dance wear or athletic wear fabric. It really feels luxurious!!! Well I picked up some, got to work on it at around 6:30pm last night and churned out a dress about 3 hours later!!!! I guess based on my last post you can call me a magician LOL!!! What a rush of blood to the head! I was REALLY nervous this wasn't going to work out but surprisingly it did. Although I'm not a fan of solid white dresses I really like this one. I received numerous compliments, enjoyed a fabulous party for a fabulous friend and picked up another client.

So here's my review.......

(Front view)

NewLook 6120

Time to Sew:
It took me a little less than 30 min to cut out and about 2 1/2 hours to sew. The belt was super easy to make and took about 15 minutes to throw together.

Sewing Ease (scale 1 easy to 10 difficult):
This is a 2! Quite the EASY sew.
(Back view)

Pattern Description:
Dress with kimono sleeves, neckline variations and belt.

Pattern Sizing:
I cut the size 12 for the bodice and 14 for the skirt. I took the skirt in a little bit since I used a knit and didn't want it to be baggy.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?

Were the instructions easy to follow?
Very much so!

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
It's simplicity and chic-ness. I also LOVED the belt. I plan to make a bunch of these out of different fabrics.

Fabric Used:
White high performance knit from Hancock fabrics. It's 86% polyester and 14% spandex. This fabric had 2 sides, one that showed the knit ribbing with subtle sheen and the other was really mat with a "peach skin" texture. I wanted to use the peach skin textured side as the right side but it's texture made it a lint magnet. So I decided to use the knit ribbing side. I'm happy I did---I won't have to use a lint brush as often.

For the gray belt I used a miscellaneous gray polyester in my stash. it's sorta striped and has both light and dark threads. It made a great belt.

(Closer view)

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:
1. I added 1" to the front and tapering at the side.
2. Coverstitched the neckline by folding down and coverstitching.  I didn't want the binding at the neckline and kinda wanted to open up the neckline a bit.\ I also coverstitched the skirt and sleeve hems.
3. Omitted the pockets.
4. Added 1" to skirt length.
5. Used 1/2" elastic for the waistline so I made the casing 1". On knits I make my casing by sewing with slight zig/zag stitch 1" in from waistline edge. Then I use 4 thread serge stitche to stitch edge of waistline leaving small space open to insert elastic.

What would you do differently next time?:
I want to make this again but change the neckline and use a print.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?

Wardrobe Versatility:
It's a white dress----a blank canvas for almost any color. I'd love to pair it with some bright color jewelry and shoes. I'ld wear this under a fitted jacket as well!

Lovely dress!

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  1. oh wow! I love a casual dress and I bet it feels great in a high performance knit. You look fabulous in that dress!

  2. Well done! Is that your Vogue pose? LOL :)

  3. Lovely dress and it fits you perfectly!

  4. This is a fabulous dress and you are wearing it!

  5. Love, love, love this dress~ so simple, yet very chic!

  6. Beautiful dress Victoria and it looks great on you!

  7. Cute, cute and did I mention cute?...rock and work it!

  8. Super dress! Something you can wear again and again. Nice work.

  9. Great reward to effort ratio! This is a cute dress on you. Love those kimono sleeves.

  10. Cute dress and perfect for an all whi party.

  11. Please follow my blog! It needs some TLC (aka, followers) haha! I love to sew - follow me at! Thanks again!

  12. This is a perfect match! A beautiful dress and fast sewing ... combined with a sculpted body! Wow! I'm sure there were many electrical sparks by your way.

  13. Looks good, but kinda plain.

    Hey, I notice a lot of foreign fashion (Indian or muslim?) uses solid fabrics, and simple patterns, and then add embroidered necklines and cuffs, or overlays, that makes it look fancy. That approach might work good for this dress.

    I've been buying thrift store fashion that's where I see these beautiful foreign clothes and I can see the detail up close.

  14. I love this dress! And love that you used high performance fabric. I actually run in a skirt that I made from spandex, but I need something more "high performance" for wicking purposes. I really like this with the belt!

  15. I left a raving comment upon seeing your review of this dress on PR and checked out your blog . . . I'm so happy that I did! This dress looks AMAZING on you; it really highlights your skin,figure,and smile :-)! And the grey belt - rather than the obvious black - makes this dress feel so fashion-forward. I am also enjoying your blog: While somewhat new to the world of sewing, I am quite familiar with the 10,000 hours theory - and I am loving your pragmatic yet creative, personal yet openly accessible approach to experiential design. You are incredibly talented; I am grateful and look forward to seeing more of your creations and reading more of your fantastic posts. Thank you!

  16. Thanks so much Taryn! You are awfully kind (smile). Thanks for joining me on my sewing adventures!!!!

  17. I LOVE this dress! Looks very comfortable and love the simplicity of the style with a pop of color.

    I start my first sewing class tomorrow and have been inspired by your blog! I hope you will post again soon as it seems you have been gone for some time now.

  18. Love this look. It's the kind of garment that you can dress up or dress down. Wonderful for traveling or just going from work to evening without having to first go home to change clothes. The contrasting belt is a definite plus. It adds just the right amount of pizzazz.


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