Friday, November 30, 2012

Sometimes I just feel like quitting.....

 I never knew what Yosemite Sam was saying when he got frustrated but whatever it was I sure felt like saying it on today! LOL! Yeah, you read the post title right! Sometimes I just get SO frustrated with my sewing/sewing related decisions that I feel like throwing in the towel. Ugh... Seems like an odd thing to say just 2 days after celebrating my 3rd Blogoversary (BTW, a thousand thanks to you guys for all of your kind words! Don't forget to visit the post HERE for details about my Giveaway). Ok, let me get back to my ranting.....

Seriously, my day just took a few frustrating twists. For some odd reason I got the notion that the dress I picked for my Dec 5th upcoming Holiday dinner was TOO Fancy. Let's just say I got overly self conscious! In truth I don't like to Then I decided to do all sorts of research about what constitutes a semi-formal dress---BTW there are NOOOOO clear answers. It's so subjective. Some websites suggest understated 2 piece ensembles, shunning any satin dresses, etc. I was in a tizzy over what to do. Then I consulted an attendant from a previous year and she said that I was safe anyway I decided. Then I tried to figure out what shoes would go well with a hunter green dress if you DON'T have hunter green shoes. That took some research. The answers were nudes, metallics (provided you use them as accessories too) and black.

So I finally got the info I needed to proceed with the project. Great! After all of that worrying I discovered upon closer examination that my fabric was a little too heavy for the project.  What?!?!?!?!?!? All that worry and headache for nothing!!!!! So that put me back at square one!!! Scrapping this project and needing to find another one. I decided to find another pattern and fabric from my stash.

I dug and dug and was able to turn up something while simultaneously  On days like this I'm happy to have a fabric stash and decent pattern collection. After much digging around I turned up what I consider to be a lovely dress pattern and I pulled out a fancy piece of jacquard (gray, black, and bronze) that I'd bought this Summer while visiting family in TN.

So here's my new sewing plan for the Holiday dinner and I'm happy with it. Now I've got to get to work!

Whew! Glad all of the raucous has come to an end. It's kinda like the old song goes..."Mama, said there'd be days like this". Oh I wish sewing was all rainbows and unicorns. But as you know it comes with it's share of frustrations. In my world, it's ok to feel and accept the frustrations but by NO MEANS will I ever succumb to them. There's no giving up as far as I'm concerned. I've got 10,000 hours to get under my belt. Hey if you gave up anytime anything got frustrating you'd never get anywhere in life. Heck, I think all parents would've stopped after just having one kid! LOL!

As always I'll keep pressing on! Besides, I'm a firm believe that opposition makes you sharper and will reveal your focus. I'm excited about my new sewing plan and am working on the muslin now. So my question for you is how do you handle sewing frustrations?


  1. Looking forward to seeing you in this one.... often things happen for a reason and maybe the reason is that this is going to be the perfect dress for the occasion :)

  2. Oh yes, frustration is the Mother of all evil when it comes to sewing! Glad you've gotten past it! Good luck with your dress and Happy Blogoversary!

  3. Looks like you found a great alternative. To answer your question about handling sewing frustrations, I find it best to walk away from the project...go read some sewing blogs for inspiration (thank you vey much) and go do something else like knit or crochet. Or go shopping! Can't wait to see your finished dress. I'm sure it will be fabulous!

  4. Sometimes it is just time to straighten the sewing area and not be fashionably productive. I love your new plan- it will be gorgeous!

  5. You are such a great seamstress that it's hard to even imagine a moments frustration in your beautiful sewing room. But, we are all human so I should realize that its something that happens to us all. The way I handle it is so very similar to the way you did - in addition to maybe pulling out some of my hair and throwing around a few patterns and choice words. I'm sure your dress will be wonderful and you will be the belle of the dinner party.

  6. see there is a reason we buy all those patterns at the 99 cent sales! for emergency sewing :) good luck with the project.

  7. I usually walk away and don't come back for a while, mulling over what I can do to fix things the whole time. Sometimes I never figure it out. I am learning to just let things go and move on, though. Glad you found something else to work on for now!

  8. I walk away, sewing under stress reminds me of work and sewing is my hobby. I usually clean everything up, which is like creating a clean slate mentally. After a few days of examining what happens I may come back to it, sometimes its a few weeks before I revisit the project. Can't wait to see how the dress turns out.


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