Friday, November 9, 2012

What, Supermodels use Body Doubles !?!?!?!?!?

Grrrrrrrrr! I'm so frustrated! Last week I lost my  USB cord to download pics from my phone.  I then bought a replacement cord and it quit working. Now I can't download my pics for my Sewing Jots & Tittles Post.    Back to the store tomorrow for another replacement. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr indeed!

Well while I'm in a slightly frustrated mood I might as well share something I read a few weeks ago that was also unbelievable frustrating. I read the foxnews article, "Who Knew, Even Supermodels use Body Doubles". If reading the title is enough to frustrate you then I'll advise you not to read the article! Did you know that Supermodels used body doubles? I didn't. I thought they were deemed supermodels because they were "allegedly super in every way". Now I'm really not being facetious. I mean the women are INCREDIBLY beautiful and I loved the fact that they were "meatier" and flaunted more curves then the average model. These women are symbolized by our culture to be "perfect". But in truth I've always known there's NO SUCH thing as the "perfect woman". Sure some women may have more attractive features then others but I think beauty is a universal thing, not just meant for women our culture objectifies. I really do regard external beauty as being superficial. I've met alot of externally beautiful people, whose beauty in my mind quickly faded after realizing that they weren't very nice and decent people. I think beauty, at it's best, is exuded from the inside out. And making the most of what you have defines beauty.

 This article, in my opinion, only serves to justify the fact that portraying "perfection" to society should be achieved at all costs. When in fact it clearly shows that this type of perfection is IMPOSSIBLE. The fact that you can say that a highly attractive woman doesn't have what it takes, what are you saying to all of the young girls and women out there? So may of these girls and women have complexes based on societies definitions of beauty. I could talk on and on about this but I'm getting sleepy and pretty soon I won't make any sense (smile).I LOVE to sew for others to counteract these false ideaologies of beauty. For me it its more than making a beautiful garment but about spreading the news that perfection is an illusion and ALL WOMEN are beautiful!

How about you---- Did you know Supermodels used body doubles? What are your thoughts on this subject?  Please chime In?


  1. yes, I knew about this, they did a special on tv a while ago about actresses, singers and models that used fitness models bodies for poster photos and close up for ads. I think its wrong to use a body double in this way. Its not like you are playing a part in a movie where you are a character, this is your own body you are lying about.

  2. WoW... I didn't know and really speechless as far as my thoughts.

  3. Thanks for spreading the word. For those of us with daughters, it's particularly disturbing.


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