Friday, November 2, 2012

Playing the Coupon Game

Happy November!!!

Wow, in less than 2 months the year 2012 will be over.  Can't believe it!!! Still so much to get done!!!

 Anywho, I just wanted to send out a notification/reminder that Jo-Ann's has a 25% off total purchase coupon on it's website at I received one in the mail and actually took it to Hancock Fabrics to purchase 2.5 yards of a wonderful berry colored wool I'd been eye-balling for some time (will show pic later, can't find my camera cord). I think it's original price was $24.99 yard and it was already on sale for 40% off which made it $14.99 plus the extra 25% Joann coupon off brought it down to $11.24 which was a great price. The whole deal saved me a little over $32---over 50% off. I'm so happy Hancock's takes competitors coupons. I actually use my normal Joann's coupons there all the time but I wasn't sure if they'd take the "total purchase coupons". I plan to use the berry fabric for a coat. I also picked up a lighter gray wool while I was there as well. Nothing beats a good savings. So get out there and use those coupons!!!! You have until the 4th.  Anybody else been able to wrangle in some good fabric deals lately????

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  1. Thank you for reminder, Victoria! I also got this coupon in the mail. Still have to get to JoAnn.


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