Monday, November 12, 2012

Lookie what I got!!!

(the NEW Vogue 8850 & Hunter green satin I bought today. Excuse the poor pic)

I was praying REALLY hard to get my hands on this pattern. You may recall from my recent blog post that I wanted to wear this to an upcoming semi-formal dinner party.  I checked at Hancock's this past week during their $3.99 Vogue sale but they hadn't got the patterns in just yet. So I discovered after visiting Jo-Ann's today (to look for some fabric for a client) that the new Vogues were in but they wouldn't be on sale until Wednesday. I checked the pattern drawer and noticed there was only 1 copy of Vogue 8850. So my choice was---buy now or wait until Wednesday and risk it not being there. What do you think I did? Mama didn't raise no fool LOL! I swooped that pattern up SO fast and sucked up paying an extra $10 for it. Then I went to look for fabric. I mentioned that I wanted a rich dark green fabric---maybe a crepe or something with a little sheen. But I was more interested in a dark color. So I ran across the Casa Collection hunter green satin. I grabbed it too and with my 60% off coupon purchased 4.5 yards for only $15 (saving myself $21). What a STEAL huh???!!!

So both pattern and fabric are safely at home. I still have to double check with other party attendees to make sure this dress isn't to fancy for the affair. But it is a semi-formal dinner party so in my mind it works but I just want to be sure.

I'll start working on a muslin later this week.......


  1. This is going to be stunning!
    I like your blog revamp too, btw!

  2. Can't wait to see this gorgeous dress on you! Love the Blog's New Face!

  3. Oh what a deal on the fabric! Have fun!

  4. I look forward to seeing this sewn up. And your new blog design is fantastic, very clear and bright, nice!

  5. Girl!!! JoAnn's matches competitor's sales flyers! Just take your flyer from Hancock's up to the register and they will sell it to you for the $3.99. That's how I just purchased all the new Vogues. Also works for button sales, zipper sales, interfacing, etc.

  6. Awesome Amanda! I know both Jo-Ann's and Hancock's take competitor coupons but I didn't know they honored competitor sale prices! Well thanks a bunch. Darn, wish I knew that last week when Hancock's had their flyer sale. Could've used it at Jo-Ann's. That's ok, I'll keep scouting out the sales and eventually get all of my new Vogues;)

  7. WOW that's awesome Victoria! I can't wait to see the completed project. Great new blog design too!


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