Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Inspired by the Fashions of Patsy Cline....

I spent a good part of my work day listening to my Patsy's Cline's "favorite hits" CD. I can't remember if I bought it or if it was gifted but I'd honestly forgot I had it until I uncovered it from an old work storage box. To be quite honest I'm not a die hard  fan but there's something about the songs "Crazy", "Fall to Pieces" and my ultimate favorite "You Belong To Me".

In an effort to learn more about Patsy Cline I did a quick internet search. I hadn't realized that she had taken the music industry by storm and was one of Country musics top female performers until her untimely death at age 30 (plane crash). She won all kinds of awards and accolades before and after her death. She was a woman that touched many a life through her music.

Something else I discovered was that her mother had been a seamstress and that she'd often sewn for Patsy. As a seamstress myself I appreciate that fact. Patsy also had a wonderful sense of style and was extremely fashion forward. I mean, who knew gold lame pants were alive and well in the late 50's early 60's? I tried to find pictures of her wearing some of these elaborate outfits but unfortunately didn't turn up much (most pics show her in western wear). But here are a few....

Wasn't she SO gorgeous! I had no idea she had been so fashionable.
 But then I ran across some of her clothes that are on auction at Christies. These really showcase her fashion sense. There's practically nothing up there I wouldn't wear. She seemed to have a very feminine and timeless sense of style. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this dress......I think I'm going to definitely have to knock this one off!
(Source: Christies Auction, description: dress made of cotton, printed with whimsical images of posters)

I'm glad I turned up Patsy's CD and with all the new information I learned I'm now happy to say that it's not just her music that inspires me!!!


  1. One of my absolute favorite CDs. If you are ever feeling down, put on some PC, and just revel in the despair. You will feel better in no time!

  2. I like "crazy" but otherwise I'm not familiar with her work. You're right though, the clothes were great.

  3. Wow, it's refreshing to find another Patsy Cline listener. She was stylish and beautiful. Gone too soon.{Psst--can you keep a secret? I like Willie Nelson too!}

  4. I am a huge Patsy Cline fan, too! And my goodness, I have a vintage dress in a storage closet that looks SO similar to that one! I may have to dig it up and send it your way!


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