Friday, October 26, 2012

Finished Capes & Murphy's Law--Pics & Video

Whew.........The 10 Reversible Capes are done!!!! You may recall from my last post that I was making them for a local High School dance line. Here's a quick pic of me in one (half done, before I pressed them)--showing both sides. The pics don't do them justice. I'll get a pic of the girl's in them soon.

 They turned out great and the dance coach absolutely loved them. I'm a little short on time so here's a video detailing more about my experience. Murphy's law almost thwarted things but thankfully I was able to work around it! Check it out!
Ok, that's it for me. When I get back in town I'll get to work on my fall wardrobe!!!! I can't wait!!!!
Have a great weekend!!!!

If you can't see the video or the links acting up go to my youtube page to see it HERE....


  1. congrats on finishing your project, isn't that a great feeling. very fun to hear your voice.

  2. Great job Victoria! The cape is so adorable!

  3. I'm so happy you managed to finish the capes after the machine kicked out on you. proves that you absolutely need a back up machine, my mom wanted mines I told her I rather buy her a machine that give her my back up lol, enjoy your retreat, sounds wonderful

  4. There are some lucky girls to have such beautiful capes!

  5. Murphy gets me pretty much every time. Dang him. ;) Great cape!

  6. GREAT job :) You DO charge for your labor don't you??? It's great to DONATE sewing time occasionally. Just as a hint since seamstresses seem to be awkward about their pricing..I charge $26 per hour for my time :) I have a price list for most of my jobs but I would have estimated THIS job at $100 per cape. Labor only. NEVER-EVER GIVE your labor away unless you are doing it for a charitable cause that you care about :) Seamstresses are becoming RARE BEASTS. We can make a living by STICKING to a FAIR WAGE :) Your video was fine :) Nice to meet you :) CHERYL of CHERYL DESIGNS :)


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