Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sewing For My Man

That's pretty fun to say and it's definitely something I haven't done in a while. Actually I'm currently sewing for the whole family. We have an upcoming "Luau themed" birthday party to attend so in the middle of my hectic week I'm cranking out some garments for us. I've finished a button down shirt for the Hubby and am working on me and my daughter's pieces. Have a bit of a challenge--- I ONLY have 4 yards of fabric and 3 people to sew for. That equates  me having to be REALLLYYYY creative in how I stretch the fabric and choose our designs. My husband's shirt used up 2 1/4 yards alone. But I'm figuring all of that out. What's really great is I've had this stretch poplin fabric in my stash for a few years. Ya'll know I believe in having a little stash of fabric. Can't tell you how many times it's saved me. Even though I've downsized a few 100 yards this year and have a drastically smaller stash I'm glad to still have a little in-house "fabric store" that I can shop from. I needed Luau themed fabric and voila' I just so happened to have some! Well I've got to hop back to sewing. Will be posting the finished outfits soon.....
(here's the lovely fabric I'm using---it screams Hawaiian party!!!)

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