Tuesday, March 29, 2016

My Easter "Rose Cluster" Vogue 1027 DKNY Dress

It's crazy Easter has come and gone! I really enjoyed it! I managed to finish my dress in time to wear to church. Easter/Resurrection Day is one of my favorite holidays and such an important part of my Christian faith! So of course I had to make a lovely dress to wear.  I received LOTS of compliments. This dress may look a little familiar since I made it a few years back. It's Vogue DKNY dress # 1027 and it's one of my favorites! It's a high waisted mock wrap dress with ties, full skirt and pockets. I reserve this pattern for my most beautiful fabrics. I used this beautiful floral print named " Rose Cluster" which comes from MyFabricDesigns.com. What's amazing about their fabrics is that any print can be made into 26 different types of fabrics. Yes, it also means you can get your own fabric designs printed or you can choose from their designs for those interested. I chose the Rose Cluster printed on to Modern jersey which is so soft and just the right weight. The dressed sewed together very easy and comes with pockets which I love! I followed the pattern directions except I omitted the waist elastic which wasn't needed. Ok, now for pics.  I want to warn you they're not very good. It was raining for most of the day so we couldn't get many good outdoor shots :(
Front, up close view

 Full view

 Back view

another angle

The fabric really is gorgeous! This pic shows it best!

This photo is courtesy of Esther Griffin photography, Esther is one talented Lady and sure did know how to capture the moment and make us look good. This was a quick impromptu shot (hence my awkward lean in) but it looks like my daughter was more then ready with her pose LOL!

I didn't sew my daughter's dress this go around. I intended to but it got pushed last due to major client work. I even had the fabric and pattern ready but opted to skip it to hang out with the fam the night before. In the past I wouldn't have done that I would've slaved and stressed until I had it finished sewing right before we left for church. It was nice to not put myself under that kind of pressure and chill. I'm getting older and wiser! Besides we had a blast!  It was also nice to get her dress at TJ Maxx for only $14. Heck for that price, I was cool with not sewing (wink). But on a sad note look how big she's getting! My little girl is growing up so fast sniff, sniff!

 Some other highlights from the day----There were well over 60 Baptisms that took place at the end of the Easter services! It was such a beautiful sight! My Hubby even got to help with some of them :)
                               photo courtesy Savannah Christian Church FB

After service we enjoyed going to see Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice---forget Batman and Superman, Wonder Woman is my new favorite! She brought the GIRL POWER for sure!!! And we enjoyed an unconventional Easter meal at our favorite Mongolian restaurant (so thankful I didn't have to cook.) Had fun with these two! They have the same personality! They are a hoot! Nothing but giggles when she's around her Dad LOL

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter too!!!


  1. your dress is so pretty - perfect for spring. Sounds like a great Easter!

  2. I agree your fabric is so pretty. Glad you had a wonderful Easter!

  3. Beautiful family and dress wish you where in Pa in teach me how to sew I need hands on

  4. Beautiful dresses Victoria. Your family picture is really GORGEOUS!

  5. Pretty dress! This is one of my fav patterns!!!!

  6. Great job on the dresses Victoria! Sounds like you all had a wonderful Easter!!

  7. Correction, I see you managed to get your dress complete. Wisdom does kick in after a while. Usually, I would press myself to make something Saturday night for Sunday morning, but wisdome said, not this time. I'm so glad I listened.

  8. I had forgotten I made this dress and I really loved it but the fabric faded in the wash. I need to make it again! Did you line the bodice?

  9. I had forgotten I made this dress and I really loved it but the fabric faded in the wash. I need to make it again! Did you line the bodice?

  10. Beautiful dress Victoria :) I love the print. I also love floral prints.
    (I went to look at your other blue floral dress, which is also gorgeous, and I had commented on that post back in 2011, I've been enjoying your post for quite some time :)

  11. Really nice job of matching & styling this pretty dress. I love seeing a great clothing patterns come to fruition

  12. Cute dress love the fabric. You did a great job. Its funny how we go back to patterns that work for us. Its makes you wounder why we have so many:)

  13. This dress is so pretty and perfect for spring! This is beautiful fabric! I love all things floral!!!

  14. your dress very beautiful.your fabric design your better.To get more design in weaveron textile click on this link....:https://www.weaveron.com


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