Saturday, February 27, 2016

Father/Daughter Banquet 2016---The Making of 2 Special Dresses

Yesterday was yet another FUN Father/Daughter Banquet--for the 6th year in a row!!! 48 hours leading up to it was non-stop sewing for me as I worked to complete 2 dresses---one for my Daughter and Goddaughter! But the hard work was well worth it. Both dresses turned out absolutely beautiful and the event was amazing as usual! I was asked to help serve as I normally do for the event.

Here are some pics I shot at home......I actually REALLY love this dress. I think it's my favorite out of the 6 I've done for the other Father Daughter Banquets. She wanted an edgier dress and wanted it to be short in the front and long in the back. So I came up with this design by modifying Simplicity 6388.  

I LOVEEEEEEE the fabric. It's a shimmery gray blue satin with shimmery bronze abstract flowers. The trim believe it or not is imitation leather with 3 rows of gold chains. It really gives the dress a little bit of edge. I decided to use the trim as a belt. I like the juxtaposition of hard and soft. And I used chocolate brown tulle in the front. Although the belt is black I felt the black tulle would have been too much so the chocolate coordinates with the blue and bronze.  It really works

                                      This fabric is so amazing! So luminescent---and shiny! It has 2 sides---I used                                       blue background/bronze flowers for my daughter's dress.

                                               When I saw this trim I just had to have it! 

My Favorite picture---love the back view!

Here's her hair.  At first I wanted her hair to be a a little edgier to go with the style of her dress but in playing around with her hair came up with this style. I love adding the metal hair beads

 The event was held at the Mighty 8th Air Force Museum and it was beautiful venue! 

Her and her handsome date got their picture taken together. My 2 FAVORITE people in the world! Love em'

They met up with her Godsister and Godfather!!!! I made my Goddaughter's dress using the same pattern and the reverse side of the same fabric. She wanted a "Princess Style" dress so I made the skirt really long and added a beautiful trim around the neckline. I also added a belt with the same trim and a solid colored matching blue bow.

My cute Goddaughter and Handsome Dad (my daughter's Goddad) posing for formal pics

Front view

Here dress is actually made from the same fabric as my daughter's---but it's using the reverse side. So hers is bronze background with blue flowers while my daughter's is blue background with bronze flowers!

Back view---trim is on neckline and sash

After pictures there was mingling, time to eat and lots of dancing!!!!
 Hanging with friends

So many dads and daughters! A beautiful thing to see!

 They look like twins to me LOL!

Hitting the dance floor

As usual there was a dance off between Dad and Daughter---actually there were several. Here's those two being silly....

I enjoyed the opportunity to make both my Girl's dresses! They looked absolutely beautiful! The last time I made them both a dress for this event was HERE in 2011! They were so "wittle" then!!! Sniff, Sniff! Growing so fast!

My two girls! Love them!!!


  1. OMG, they are the cutest little girls. The dresses are beautiful and it seems to have made these young ladies so happy. The video was priceless! I was crying tears of joy seeing the girls with their dads and having a grand time. You are their dads have created a beautiful and life long memories. Kudos to you!

  2. Your girls look so beautiful! Thanks for sharing the photos. (the gentlemen look very handsome too!)

  3. You did such an amazing job. Both dresses came out beautiful and they look so cute in them.

  4. Both were gorgeous Victoria. I look forward to this blog post every year!

  5. Absolutely beautiful! Love the dancing - Your daughter is a natural.


  7. Both girls look adorable! Their dresses are lovely. The dance off looked so fun!!

  8. I've just gotta add my atta girl on this one! You did a great job on the fabric choice as well as the construction. It's lovely to see daddy's and their girls! Just precious!

  9. SO. ADORABLE.!!!!

    They look amazing. They're going to grow up to be the best of friends with all of these memories behind them :-D

  10. Beautiful job on both dresses! What a wonderful evening for dads and daughters!

  11. Oh my goodness! What a delightful post. The dresses are just precious, and the dance-off video is great. You did a fantastic job on both dresses, and I love the trim on your daughter's!

  12. Oh man! I LOVE the tulle solution to the high/low hem. It's cute, edgy, not sexy but really sweet! And they coordinate!
    I really appreciate your sharing these events. I love seeing what communities do around the country. So many reasons to love.

  13. What a lovely idea for dads and daughters. Both these dresses are stunning. Well done you.


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