Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year's Eve---2015 Recap!!!

It has been an AMAZING year! I can't believe we all stand at the threshold of a new year. This year went by SO fast. My head was "caught up in the clouds" of many project and their looming deadlines so it's nice to come down and spend some time in reflection. I REALLY had some cool experiences this year!

***I'm in Fashion Design School---Made it through my first year in the SDC Fashion design program. I even upgraded my studies from a Certificate to a Diploma. I LOVE the cirriculum! Learning everything from technical drawing, costume history, sustainable design, textiles etc. And learning more about fashion design is preparing me for some of my future goals ;)

 (LBD design assignment. My drawings have come a long way!!!)

***I've taught lots of BurdaStyle courses through webinar but I got to fly out to visit BurdaStyle in Colorado and film my own Pants course in April. Planning my cirriculum and 3 days of filming sure was an AMAZING experience!

***Mr. Jim and I started the "Tailor and the Dressmaker Show"! Couldn't be happier with this project. We love discussing all things sewing and doing demos. Catch up with us on Facebook and you can find the link to the shows there:)

***I visited the Boston Ballet and got behind the scene access to their costumes department and closet! Just got one word for the experience---PHENOMENOL!!!

***Of course recently I helped make the Kansas City Ballet Nutcracker costumes and even got to fly out to Kansas City to fit the ballerinas! This project took 2.5 months and a TON of hours to complete. My greatest challenge of the year and most rewarding:)

***Accompanied Mr. Jim to Mimi G's Sewing & Style conference in L.A. this Summer

***Made the annual Father/Daughter Banquet dress for my daughter. I enjoy doing this every year.
Made glorious client dresses

And a few other accomplishments! I didn't do all that I wanted but I had an amazing year! God has truly been faithful to me. I did things I didn't even think I could do! I pushed past my very limits, overcame a few fears and insecurities and took some jumps into the unknown. I survived and better yet I grew as a sewer and a person! Very cool indeed! Looking forward to an amazing 2016! Will be chatting about those plans next!!!! I'm planning to push myself like never before and achieve some big things in 2016:)


  1. Wow! You did have an amazing year. Congrats!

  2. A wonderful 2015 Victoria! You definitely have a bright future ahead of you!

  3. How wonderful! I'm definitely gonna check out your show! May 2016 be even better.

  4. What beautiful and inspirational projects! I adore your costumes for the ballet and the one shoulder dress you made for one of your clients. Just stunning!

  5. Thanks for sharing your NYE recap. My NYE was also very blasting this year. All the party venues, night clubs and other venues are full on this eve. We had hard time in booking the venue on last moment for our party. On we found some available venues and booked one of them.


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