Wednesday, December 23, 2015

McCall's 7254--The Colorful Cardigan

Happy Christmas Eve's Eve! Things have finally slowed down enough since the ballet costumes and I'm starting to feel normal while things get back to normal. Have resumed sewing for clients, fashion design degree homework etc. Happy to report that I squeezed some time to make something for myself. That's always a treat! I was happy to pick this cute little cardigan pattern and had the perfect sweater knit fabric I picked up from Joann's! The patter is McCall's 7254 which I highly recommend. I made view C as pictured on the envelope and size medium. I'm VERY short-waisted (short torso, mostly legs) so I'm always a bit nervous about making tops or jackets that could potentially be too short and thus make my upper body appear shorter. I opt for slightly longer options to give my body some balance. But turns out this worked great and I like the style. I'm not a super fan of the shawl collar but this worked. I love the fact this  has a peplum too in the back. And this cardigan is a bit deceptive since it looks a bit like a jacket---but without all of the work. Anyhow great, easy little cardigan.

 (It's not everyday you walk into a restaurant bathroom with a full mirror. Makes for quick and easy pics.  Aren't you glad I'm such a classy & professional photographer LOL)

(Back View)

 (oops, didn't realize to after snapping the pic I put the cardigan on the form lopsided. At least you can see the colors and patterns. I love the fuchsia in the fabric. Great accent color!)


  1. I love your cardigan, I am going to have to pick up this pattern! Your fabric is beautiful!

  2. Very pretty!! Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful family!

  3. Wishing you all the best for the New Year! I really enjoy all the challenges you have taken on this past year and I can't wait to see what you do in 2016.


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