Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mesmerizing Draping......

Tomorrow I begin Mr. Jim's (my Tailoring Teacher, blog HERE) Pants Fitting and Construction Workshop. I'm pretty comfortable with making pants but am really looking forward to this workshop. I get to draft to my own pattern from my own measurements and learn his fancy tailoring techniques for pants construction. Anyhow more on that later. I also took his Tailored Jacket workshop at the beginning of June and still need to review it. I promise to catch up. In the meantime I'll leave you the link to some amazing draping work. Check out this Link.....

You have to check out the student photo albums. So many projects to look at and analyze the techniques. I so wish I could see them in person. I of course am learning how to drape and love to look at the work of others. I know I'll get this good one day. Draping is such an amazing art form in and of itself! Also this is the teacher's draping video. It's neat watching his technique. Just amazing!

 Hope you enjoy the photos and video!!!! If you know of any other informative draping websites or videos please leave them in the comments section!

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  1. Oh how cool Victoria. I wish they had classes like that here were I love.


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