Thursday, October 24, 2013

Danceline Costumes Embellishments and Gauntlets DONE!!!

 I love when I hand off a finished garment(s) to my client. Such was the case tonight. It's Homecoming weekend at my Alma Mater Savannah State University. And I just finished enhancing/embellishing the costumes for the  SSU Danceline team!  I received 9 tiger print bodysuits to which I added Swarovski crystals (in colors topaz/smoked topaz) and trim around the legs. I also made gauntlets (those cool arm gloves that loops over the middle finger) using Burda 7879.

(Finished bodysuit with Swarovski crystals in 2 colors and sizes (topaz and smoked topaz) added to black area and 2" fringe trim around the leg openings.)

(Body suit before)

(I also made Gauntlets. These look great with the bodysuits. They're made out of the same black spandex as in the top of the bodysuit)

(Gauntlet pattern)

(Lots of crystal gluing!!! I used the cutting mats to back my fabric and prevent from gluing the bodysuit to itself.

I have to admit I had a TON of FUN working with swarovski crystals. Maybe I should do a video tutorial on them. What do you think???? This was really my first time and won't be the last. I want to add crystals to everything now! LOL! Ok, back to the costumes.  The girls will wear them this weekend and I can't wait to get the final pics. I'll be sure to post them. I'm super excited I got the opportunity and look forward to future opportunities to work together.

So another client project is done for the month. I can chill out and rest easy now. I've got 2 gowns to knock out in the next couple of weeks for a birthday masquerade party. One is for the birthday girl and one is for myself.

BTW, Monday's BurdaStyle webinar (mentioned in my last post) went great! Thanks for all of your well wishes and to those who attended. It was ALOT of fun. I'm actually giving 2 more in November if anyone's interested. The November 7th topic is the "Do's and Don't of Sewing for Clients and/or Others and November 21th topic is "Knit Picky: How to Properly Pick and Sew Knits to get Superb Results. You can see more info or register HERE.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!!


  1. The costume you made is so pretty, I was just wondering what dressmaking fabrics did yo use for it? I also love the crystals you put since they perfectly match the costume color.


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