Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Peplum, A Skirt, and A Coat....

The period after a huge sewing project is always interesting for me. My sewing room is a disaster! I repeat---a HUGE disaster. I'm still on cloud nine over the fact that the Dance Line capes turned out so good and the girls were able to perform in them at their Homecoming on this past Saturday. But with that behind me I'm more than eager to move forward with other projects and I'm slowly working to get things back to normal. Let's see my house needs some major cleaning (mainly for the sake of my sanity--not because it's anywhere near the Hoarder level or anything). Meals need to be planned, laundry washed and a bunch of other stuff needs doing. It's amazing how much of my life can be suspended due to a sewing project. I'm sure you've experienced the same thing....probably even right now......

Well I'm SO ready to get the ball moving on new projects that I'm motivated to clean or do whatever to get going on some new projects. The aforementioned items in the title have been weighing heavy on my brain. I have fabric for 2 of the items and plan to get to work right away. It's time to get started sewing my Fall wardrobe. It won't sew itself!!! LOL!
(2 out of the 3 fabrics I'll use for the peplum, skirt, and coat. I wonder which of the fabric will be used for each of the garments???? That's a secret for now. Will reveal soon.....)

 BTW, to switch to a more serious note... Sandy left alot of devastation in it's path. My thoughts and prayers goes out to all those affected by the storm. Stay safe!!!!

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  1. Sigh, it's so true that the house doesn't run itself, lol!
    I feel I am slow to get going on my fall clothes too. Like you mention, there are other people with a lot more to deal with right now, so I shall count myself lucky.


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