Thursday, June 18, 2015

SNEAK-PEEK: One Shoulder Mermaid Gown African Print Gown

Over a week ago I finished up a gown for my client to wear to a Church banquet. The gown turned out quite lovely and my client RAVED about it and received tons of compliments. I can't take credit for the design since I replicated a gown my client found online  (I'll reveal which one in my follow-up post) but I loved the task of "knocking off" the gown (made it about 95% similar to the original) and all the many new things while doing so. Here's a sneak peek pic my client sent to me. She's planning on doing a photo shoot so hopefully I'll get more formal pics soon and tell you more about the process. In the meantime preparing to fly to L.A. for the Mimi G Conference to help and support Gentleman Jim who will be presenting. I'm looking forward to seeing some of you guys there!!!! Should be an exciting weekend!

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  1. What a beautiful gown, Victoria! A very nice job in deed! I hope to see a few more pictures of it. I wish I could join everyone in LA for the Mimi G event, unfortunately I will not be able to make it. Enjoy yourself and make sure you bring back lots of photos of the event


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