Sunday, June 28, 2015

LA Trip/ Mimi G Conference Wrap Up!

My time in LA was short but was GREAT, Worthwhile and FUN!!! That was actually my first time in LA and it's a really cool city. It's fast paced but not uncomfortably so. I've heard alot of people talk about how different it is from the south. I grew up as a Military brat so I've moved all over and I'm used to regional differences.  Mimi G's conference, the main reason for being there, was really cool as well. I went along to assist Mr. Jim (you all know him as Gentleman Jim) who was giving a presentation on Tailored Jacket Construction Shortcuts. His presentation was GREAT (as usual) and he was well received. Being a Master Tailor with 50+ years of experience means you know a WHOLE LOT of short cuts, tricks and just have the plain skill and craftsmanship to make superb clothes! I always love learning from him! Anyhow I left for LA Friday afternoon and stayed til' Sunday Afternoon. I have to admit I did alot in those few days. Here's a picture recap....

I stayed at a swanky hotel--the Hotel Figueroa! The architecture was absolutely beautiful! It's an artsy Moroccan inspired hotel. Just loved the lobby, it was huge!

 The Conference was held at the Gorgeous Marriot at L.A. Live

 I REALLY hate selfies but I loved the energy from the conference that I just had to get myself in it. There were hundreds of Ladies!

 Mimi G stepped out and the ladies greeted her enthusiastically.  She was kind, energetic and funny. She looked exactly as she does online and was alot taller then I thought (smile).

Proof that I was actually there LOL

 Mr. Jim Wow-ing the crowd!!! He gave a wonderful presentation complete with Powerpoint and jackets and jacket pieces he'd sewn together. Everyone just marveled at his work and techniques!

Got a picture with the main attraction herself!!! It was such a pleasure getting to meet Mimi! I was even surprised she knew who I was. 

 After years of following her blog I got to meet Kelly Horton in person! You all know her at her blog HERE. She's one talented sewer and stylish Chick!

 I met the uber talented Candice Ayala for the first time. She makes the most BEAUTIFUL clothes for her daughter on her blog HERE. Just beyond cute!!!

 Didn't plan it but I ran into Actor Darius McCrary while in the hallway. He was modeling at a fashion show. Looks familiar? Remember, he played Eddie Winslow on Family Matters back in the day.

 Also, had the distinct pleasure of running into some of my blog followers. Anytime I do I tell them they're automatically going to get posted on my blog. Here's the lovely Crest

And here's the lovely Connie

 More hotel lobby photos. Man, I didn't need a room, just should have dragged down a pillow and slept there. Loved it!

 After a day of hard work and a successful presentation I took to the streets and hooked up with my big Bro (only by 2 years) who lives in LA. He's a boxer, model, etc. I haven't seen him in a few years.  We enjoyed a nice dinner.....

FOOOODDDD! Wolfgang Puck threw down! LOL!

Clowning around downtown....

 Hanging out in the hotel lobby....

 Feeling quite regal in the big fancy chair!!! LOL!

 I may have to switch up my home decor. Feeling the Morrocan look!

 At 5'8" I'm the shortest in the family! LOL!

The day of departure took to the streets of LA with Mr. Jim to get some breakfast before our flight!!!

Wow that was a face paced weekend! We sure got a lot done, met some great folks and talked about our life's passion----SEWING!!!  Nothing like being surrounded by a large group of folks with the same passion. Such a memorable, productive and fun weekend!!! BTW, if anyone's interested in getting Mr. Jim's presentation info (Powerpoint, Videos, worksheets, etc) you can do so HERE....

Also, don't forget my BurdaStyle pants fitting course is going Live on Monday. You still have time to sign up this week. Go HERE for more details!!! I look forward to having you in my class!!!!


  1. I could feel how excited you were! Glad you had a great time, and hooked up with family too. Next time, make it a longer stay and check out the garment district!

  2. I saw you in the background of one of Mimi's pix and was waiting for your recap! Yay! Too bad you didn't stay longer, you were soooo close to the garment district and Michael Levine Loft....

  3. Looks like an exciting and busy time. Thanks for sharing photos of the event!

  4. What a great trip you had! I'm sure you came back home loaded with inspiration :)

  5. That sounds like an awesome trip, thanks for sharing and your brother is a surefire handsome chap.

  6. It looks like you had a wonderful time.

  7. Looks like so much fun - glad you enjoyed yourself!

  8. This is so cool! So glad you got to go and to see your brother!

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  10. Hey Victoria, it was so good to finally meet you! Thanks for the mention and the link. For those who haven't had a chance to meet Victoria she is just as sweet in person as she is on the blog. I'm sure your upcoming class will be great!


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