Monday, December 29, 2014

Sewing Jots and Tittles 12.29.14

.....Because it's been WAY too long and we need to catch up! Time for me to empty out the space between my ears.....

Sewing, Fashions and Such

 Nothing like going to a local High School football game and spotting the Double sided orange and blue capes you made a few years back! Remember THESE! What a pleasant surprise and proud moment :)

 (I adore colorful prints.....

(.....and that's all there is too it!!!) 

 (Simplicity has changed up it's sewing pattern catalog. They're listening patterns by fabric type. Interesting....

 (....another example...)

 (....they even added a knit section! Yay, a section for my favorite thing to sew!!!)

 (2 patterns I CAN'T WAIT to sew! Love the black & gray jegging fabric)

 (Picked up this purple, black and white zebra print cotton sateen. You know bold prints don't scare me!)

 (I'm loving this burgundy and black lace! Just waiting to get invited to a swanky event!)

 (I've tested several of these over the years and finally found one that I like!!!)

(Sophia was sewing on Sophia the First!!! That just tickled me!!! She's sending the right message to all of the young girls!! Hee-hee)

 (Sewed a pleather pink jumpsuit for a client and couldn't have done so without a leather foot and leather needles.)

 (Had to have these cool buttons for a future wool coat)

 (My favorite type of ruler)

(Had the pleasure of meeting Trish who just so happens to follow both mine and Mr. Jim's blog! What an honor. She was such a sweetheart!!!)


 (Really?!?!?! Did someone really think selling a Nicholas Spark book at an Elementary School Book Fair was a good idea??? (scratching my head) LOL)

(My daugher and her lil' brother---aka Brownie. He's about the cutest Syrian/ Teddy Bear Hamster!!! When people ask me how many kids I have it's funny when his name ends up in the mix! LOL!)

(And they say Hamster's are bad climbers. They're right!!!! but doesn't stop Brownie from doing it! Always funny to watch.  I have no idea why he'd rather climb up to his water platform instead of just crawl through the tube LOL!)

 (Someone tell me why does a Hamster treat have to look like doughnuts and cookies??? They don't care!!! LOL!)

 (Our church really goes all out for Operation Christmas child!!!! I LOVE IT!!! I believe those are several thousand boxes collected and ready to be shipped out!!!)

 (Only in the south can you rent the rims on your car SMH and LOL!!!)

 (Finally went wireless!!!! It's about time)

(Saw Jersey Boys and LOVED IT!!! It was SO GOOD!!! This ending scene took the cake. Bet you can't watch and not dance! LOL!  I'd love to see the musical!!!)

 (This is what happens when your 7 year old loves to write and leave messages all over the place. The fridge and food related one's are always the funniest)

 (At PF Chiang's out of town--- I pulled back a propped up menu to reveal a surprise. Hubby was discreetly watching a Major football championship game while enjoying the meal with the family.......
 (.....he's so CLASSY! Kept it out of sight! LOL! Hey, I know a thing or two about having an obsession (ahem,... sewing, clears throat). I encouraged him to watch on!!! LOL!!!)

 (My inspiration picture for my highlights)

 (We now have a Planet Fitness so I'm back on my workout grind. Brings me together with two things of my favorite things---an elliptical machine and Joyce Meyer!!!)

 (Daughter feeding one of Great Grandma's cows)

(I MUST find this movie and watch it! The cinematography is beautiful. I'll endure the subtitles! It's worth it!!!)

(LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this song!!! It warms my heart!!! )

(When your In-Laws retire and become professional caterers Christmas dinner is a Heavenly experience. I do mean HEAVENLY!!!! I nearly lost my mind it was so good! LOL!)


  1. We just saw Jersey Boys last week and definitely could have danced! Love those type movies. Great posts today. Happy New Year.

  2. The Nicholas Sparks bit made me laugh! So true. That's interesting too about Simplicity's reorganization. It seems like it will make finding patterns much simpler. I know I'm always spending too much time searching for all the knit patterns.

  3. Enjoyed your notes and Titles! Great pix! Happy New Year to you and your family, including Brownie!

  4. HAPPY NEW YEAR Victoria! What a way to end 2014 and especially with the great looking plate of food! Good luck in 2015 and hope there's much more sewing!

  5. Lord help me but I did recognize that southern cooking as the real deal. None of that fancy and inedible undercooked green beans for us :) We want to eat the green beans not look at them!


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