Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sewing Jots and Tittles 11.17.12

 It's the weekend!!!!!! You know what time it is. It's my Sewing Jots and Tittles post were I get to expose you to the crazy and not so crazy things I see, hear and think about......

Sewing, Fashion and the Like....

 This is a screen shot from the movie "W.E." I've always had a thing for wearing ties. It was sorta the style when I was in high school. I love how it's worn here with a fitted blazer.

Yay, it's finally cold enough so I'm back to working on a skirt in the fabric on the left. Plan to wear on tomorrow........Wait a minute, did I just get happy that it's cold????? Making cute winter clothes will make you happy about the cold I suppose. LOL!

 Oops---I discovered why my rotary cutter wasn't cutting right. I had 2 blades on it. See all the fabric that got stuck in the middle? There's a first time for everything.......

 My main sewing machine still needs repair. My itty, bitty first simplicity machine (the first I ever bought myself) is hanging in there like a champ. True it doesn't have the awesome pressure foot knee lift and invisible zipper foot that my main machine has but for a simple machine it gets the job done!!!

Loved this dress that Tyra Banks wore to a fancy affair. It received horrible reviews. But I love it. So stunning!!!

I fell in love with this "quick turn" tool when I was making the capes. I used it to make the neck closures. Never realized how easy it was to turn fabric tubes with this nifty tool. I love it!!!!

 Looks like you can buy novelty fabrics of scantily clad men at Nancy's Notions. I'm too young for all of that LOL! My favorite part of this advertisement is on the right---you can use it to make the "Church Lady's apron Pattern". Hmmmm....that's sure to stir things up at a church dinner! LOL!

JC Penny's had cute holiday dresses for girls. I'm pretty snobby about buying her any special occasion dress. I prefer to sew them. Makes the moment more special for me-----and her since she likes my dresses.

Got a giant bag of peppers for $1. WoooHOOOO!!!

Saw this bumper sticker before the election! LOL!!!!

One of the things I love about Mommyhood---watching my "Wee-One" Sleep

 I stood in line 2.5 hours for early voting the Friday before the election. You better believe I was going to reward myself!!! LOL!

 Someone's too tall for the mall play area. Can't you tell she wasn't happy! LOL!

 But someone got brand new boots and she's just loving them!!! Even wants to wear them in hot weather (shaking my head)! LOL!

What?!?!?!? A manuka honey shortage at my local health food store. I use this on my skin (mix with a facial scrub) and it's awesome. It has awesome antibacterial components. It's found in New Zealand and productions were up to 80% lower this year. Fortunately to the resc!ue and I ordered from California. Can't be without the good stuff!!

Civil engineers are cool---hey I build clothes and they build bridges!!!

Love this!!!!


  1. that look on your daughter's face about being too tall for playtime is hilarious. and maybe the only think I DO like about winter is sewing some different (winter) clothes. have a fun sewing weekend.

  2. Cute pictures of your daughters. A two and a half hour wait to vote?! I remember going to vote with my parents as a tiny child. Just waltz into church halls. No waiting. Most of my adult life has been out of the country, so it's all absentee for me. The reports of these huge lines in the international news media are boggling. A manuka honey shortage has me worried too! Love the stuff.

  3. OMG - I just watched W.E. It ended 10 minutes ago. I knew nothing about it. Just started watching it while knitting. It was surprisingly interesting.

    1. How funny is that!!!! What a coincidence. It was suprsingly interesting. I ended up liking it and it was a neat take on a historical story I hadn't known about.

  4. You wee one is absolutely adorable! I love the photo of her asleep in her car seat! Makes me miss my grandkids so much!

  5. You have done some serious cutting there! Smart with the double blade trick! I've used that one too. We have to get every bit of use out of those blades possible at the prices they charge.

  6. Tyra banks dress is beautiful, I think it would be overwhelming on a shorter person but the looked great it. I can tell you daughter is loving those new boots.

  7. Great....Who made that flare dress which was wearing by an model....Really superb and the highlight is the bottom flare...I love that outfit....

  8. I just love those little bell peppers. I seem to find them all the time at a much better price than the full size mamas.


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