Saturday, July 31, 2010

I See Cardigans in My Immediate Future.......

I'm definitely not a fan of cold weather! So I try to refrain from even thinking about the upcoming fall and winter and will go as far as putting off my cold weather sewing until the very last minute. Yeah, as if that will prevent the impending Fall or Winter. Fortuntely I live in a subtropical climate which makes it easier for me to have this case of denial/procrastination.
   However I ran across a great cardigan pattern and actually became quite excited about the cooler weather. At the very least I can wear it at my place of work NOW which is always freezing to me!!! It's McCall's 6084 and I soooo love it! I'm sure everyone has this pattern by now. Isn't it too cute!!! I'm raving about this pattern. It just goes to show you how much of a simple girl I really am!!! LOL! Hey I'm all about cute knits!!!
So I started looking for fabric. I have a plethora of knit fabric but will only use a thin and  knit jersey that drapes well.   Well I was at Wal-Mart earlier this morning and saw a bin of fabric containing several bolts. Upon further investigation I noticed that each bolt contained 5 yards of fabric for $5. And what did I see? The perfect knit fabric for my cardigans. So needless to say without even blinking an eye I bought 6 bolts of a variety of colors. So 30 yards for $1/yd.  And I only need 2 yards max of each color for the long sleeve cardigan.  After that I'll have enough leftover fabric to make tops, dresses, etc.  So here's the fabric I bought.....Plum, Maroon, Deep Purple Tan, Charcoal gray, & Teal.  Seriously, I could have a cardigan in every color imaginable. But I'll try to maintain some control! LOL!

So I'm excited I have the perfect fabric for the job. Normally I don't like to use such a thin knit when making dresses but for a cardigan it's absolutely perfect!!! And with this pattern being 1 hour or so (which it says on the envelope), I hope to begin making a few in August or September. BTW, the last of my goodies also came in the mail today. Here they are....
I received The Sewing Answer Book and was suprised that it was such a tiny book. I've thumbed through it and my first impressions is that it's a great book for beginner sewers since it seems to answer basic sewing questions. I haven't really ran across anything I didn't know just yet, but I haven't read the whole thing, Hey if I get a few new tips that would be awesome. But I do think it's best for beginner sewers!!! I definitely may recommend it to some of my sewing students.
I can't wait to watch the Beautiful Sheers Simple DVD. Again, I've sewn with sheers (chiffon, georgette, etc) but I'm particular about the techniques I use. I'd like to see how the experts do it and see if they've got some great tips and shortcuts I haven't heard of. Plus, I've been eye-balling this Burda pattern and can't wait to make both looks (especially the one on the left) sometime next year in a cute sheer fabric!!! It's so Bohemian chic!
Well that's it for now. I've got a Burda top I need to finish sewing, a dress I'm making for a client (I'll blog about that soon) and a few client alterations. Things have been picking up and like most of you I've been busy, busy, busy. Until next time, Happy Sewing:)  BTW: You can watch the new episodes of Project Runway Season 8 online, if you were to busy to catch it this past Thursday. Just go to!!!


  1. Wow, so many beautiful fabrics! I'm really envious ;-).

  2. I just bought that pattern yesterday! I can't wait to see yours. I like that it isn't super long in the front, like some of the draped cardigan patterns.

  3. Wow! What a serious score. The pattern is lovely and the colours are excellent for fall in your climate.

  4. Wow those are beautiful fabrics Victoria! I've not shopped for fabrics at Walmart and never knew they had them! I'll be checking it out now! Can't wait to see some of the completed cardigans.

  5. Love your blog and I too wandered upon the same bolt sale at a local walmart. I was beaming when I found out the price. CHA-CHING, JACKPOT!!!

  6. I must admit I've caught the cardigan bug with all the cute patterns put out by the Big 4 this year. Cardigans are a great way to make an outfit look different so you have endless possibilities in your wardrobe. So jealous about your Walmart find. Sadly, the Walmarts in my neck of the woods only carry 3 sewing machines and a very small sampling of notions; no fabrics and no patterns.

  7. Oh my - those fabrics looks fabulous and what a great price! I LOVE all of those colours. You are going to look so wonderful this fall with a cardigan for every outfit!

  8. I love cardigan pattern. It will look great made up. Beautiful fabrics.

    I wanted to let you know that I've got some pics up on my blog from the photo shoot of the retro-looking skirt I just made along with a quick and easy tutorial of how to make one in under 25 minutes with just leftover material and no pattern. Come by and see if you get a chance.

    Trudy of Sewing With Trudy

  9. Wow, you found all that fabric at Wal-Mart, lucky you. Good luck with the cardigans.

  10. I love McCall's 6084. Very fast and easy and makes cute, comfortable cardigans.

  11. Just found your blog, Victoria! Delighted and love the 10,000 hours idea! Just bought the McCalls 6084 on ebay and the Outlier's book on Amazon! (Doing my part to help the economy!) I am working on creating my fashion 'uniform' and love the soft look of draped cardigans with skinny jeans or leggings! Thanks for the inspiration-I look forward to following your story!


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