Saturday, March 27, 2010

Warning: Watching Kell On Earth may cause Heartburn!!!!!

 Why does it always seem like I need to take an antacid after I watch an episode of "Kell on Earth". Ok so I really don't suffer from heartburn after watching this show, I'm just overexaggerating. But I  have to admit, I was pretty shock and wound up after watching the first couple of episodes. They don't call it "Kell on Earth" for no reason. The situations and people on this show are just so "high strung" and "extremely intense"--but still strangely fascinating--the line of work that is. Have any of you seen this show? It's a pretty interesting reality show and give you a look into the inner workings of the People's Revolution Fashion PR firm. If you haven't seen it, here's what Bravo TV says about it on their website:

According to Bravo this show is about.......
......a behind the scenes look at the high-powered and fast-paced world of fashion PR when Bravo debuts its newest series "Kell on Earth," featuring public relations guru Kelly Cutrone.
Cutrone has been called one of the "coolest, most intimidating persons ever," and, judging from her frank demeanor and fashion world credibility, it's easy to see why. Bravo takes a no holds barred look into the life of one of America's most legitimate tastemakers as she balances running her wildly successful fashion PR company, People's Revolution, juggling Fashion Weeks in New York and London, with being a single mother and one of New York's most notable women about town.

Well from my opinion, when it comes to describing Kelly Cultrone, the word intimidating is the right one.  I'm not one to usually pick apart people, because we are who we are and everyone isn't "little miss nicey". But based on observations, Kelly is quite the tough cookie. She's a "no hold's barred-take it-shut up-and like it kinda chick". I think it's a combination of the type of work and her gritty personality.
Her hardcore personality is a tad bit humorous and over the top. Her book title (on the right) is pretty interesting too and reveals her personality. I do respect her definitely as a business woman and for the reputation she's established in the fashion world. Hey you can't have a great fashion show without a great PR group. But I have to admit that at times I feel so sorry for her employees because they're always so stressed and overworked and they're always being cursed at and sometimes berated. But maybe it's the nature of the beast and the price to pay for working in that part of the fashion world. Not my cup of tea by any means. I am of the strange notion that one can run a great business while at the same time treat others respectfully and with dignity.

After watching a couple of episodes I really didn't have an interest to check anymore out. Well today I took in another episode and I'm beginning to get used to the brutality LOL!!! It's becoming less shocking especially since I know what to expect now. Hey this was my first glimpse into the world of fashion PR and it's an eye opener--but in a good way. Maybe I expected everything to be a little more "cookie cutter" and that everyone would unite for the sake of fashion and work harmoniously together.  I didn't know what I was thinking. But it's definitely a different world that I imagined and I appreciate the reality check, no pun intended (smile). 

Anywho, if you've got the time to check it out please do. If you have, what's your opinion of this feisty show???


  1. I have seen this show and it's like craning your neck to see details of a car crash while you drive by. I've worked with many focused, tough people who still treat people well while having very high expectations. My view of Kelly is there's something passive-aggressive about her. She comes off as mostly "crabby." Grumbling. Those words aren't associated with leadership and competence, to me. She doesn't look people in the eye when she's berating them. She's walking off or past them, or she's looking down. Or she's spouting off while looking down at her desk after hanging up the phone about something that bugged her.

    You can get high performance from people without being like that. Sad thing is, you can see her employees are learning to deal with people the same way.

    I don't get a sense of her true leadership or how good she is at what she does from watching the show. Obviously she's connected with the network and used her PR skills to sell them on a show, and that's about all I as a viewer can see her being good at, based on what we see. Contrast that with the Millionaire Matchmaker, also a tough cookie personality, but you get a clear sense of her competency at what she does. And Millionaire Matchmaker doesn't fly in a tizzy about envelopes and labels like Kelly does. Why a CEO would waste more than 2 seconds worrying about envelopes and labels is confounding to me -- envelopes seem to be a recurring theme on that show.

    Such a long comment! This show sets me off too. Venting ...

  2. Deb, well you seem to have a much thorough assessment of this show than I do:) Thanks for sharing. I agree with everything you said. You're right, there's no way you can equate her behavior with true leadership skills. I get that it's extreme and that's probably the reason she was granted the show in the first place. But people will justify their behavior if it gets them the results they want from others. How sad:(

  3. "I am of the strange notion that one can run a great business while at the same time treat others respectfully and with dignity."

    I agree. You are right, when I read your description, she does appear tough in one sense of the word, hard-edged. But it is easy to cuss out folks you are unhappy with. What is difficult is to treat them with respect and still be able to express your negative opinions or criticisms. That takes a lot more grit than just bleating out whatever first comes to mind.

    I wonder if she wasn't chosen for the show because her behavior is "something to see".

  4. I spent several years working in fashion PR in Paris, NYC and Toronto. It's a super-stressful job, no doubt about it (and envelopes CAN be a big deal, lol), but Kell doesn't sound like any leader in the business I ever met. There's a low/no tolerance level for mistakes because you don't get second chances. A bad impression, once made, can sometimes never be fixed. That fact doesn't excuse rudeness, Kell's or anyone else's. I haven't seen the show, so I'm only describing my own experience, but I agree with you completely on the importance of respect and dignity.

  5. I've watched this show a handful of times too. I am totally in favor of no substitution for hardwork attitude but these people seem like the have little to no joy in their lives. Although it seems like a very exciting business the dark circles under everones eyes in that show speaks volumes especially those poor souls left behind in that office.


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