Saturday, March 13, 2010

DVD Review: Eleven Minutes

Hey this week has been "über exhausting"---my most exhausting in weeks. Work has been zapping my energy and I've been struggling to keep up with it all. I did manage to quickly sew up my Butterick dress (mentioned in the last post) and just have to hem it so I can post a review. But thank God it's the weekend and I'm feeling more like myself again! The sewing must and sewing related activities must continue (for the sake of my sanity alone)!!!
So it's time to catch up on my posts and catch up with some of my sewing. I don't like being away too long:)

Ok, I watched this DVD about a week or so ago but hadn't got around to reviewing it. I have to admit I enjoyed Eleven Minutes, which detailed the first runway show of the Project Runway First Season Winner, Jay McCarroll.
Most of you might remember Jay, and probably a few pieces from his Project Runway collection. Here he is and here's one of his memorable pieces.

Well after his Project Runway debut it appeared that Jay disappeared from the face of the earth. Everyone had such high hopes for him and awaited his collection. It took a few years for him to resurface and he did so in this movie. What I personally liked about this movie is that it detailed the process of bringing a collection to Bryant Park's Fashion Week. From the need to have financial backing (which in his case was the Humane Society), to developing a concept, outsourcing to have fashions created, to picking models, and finally to taking the looks to the runway---this movie captures it all. There's so much work, stress, and drama that goes into a runway show that only takes "eleven minutes" (hence the title of the movie). And on top of all this Jay is definitely a "character". He's sarcastic, funny, unfortunately at times has a "potty mouth" but despite it all he has and "air of brilliance". I loved the theme of his fashion line and how he brought it to life. He has such creativity and imagination. I'm surprised he didn't buckle under all the pressure and stress of his endeavor. As a result of his hard work and perserverance, he was able to sell his line to stores. Check out the movie website here

So if you have the time and interest, while you're sewing up one of your little cute numbers, I recommend you check out this dvd. At the very least I think it gives a raw and edgy perspective into the world of fashion design and production, different then what you've experienced watching reality TV.

I give this movie a B+


  1. Thanks for the review and Jay was one of my favorites on PR, I will definitely check it out.

  2. Thanks for the review I'll put this one on my net flicks list. After reading your review on the September Issue I watched it and really enjoyed learning what goes into putting that huge September issue of Vogue together. Keep up the great reviews!


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