Thursday, January 14, 2010

Oh You Elusive Black Stretch Corduroy.....

  So I just received the two batches of fabric I'd been waiting for and I wish I could say I was beaming with joy. One of my packages looked a little small so I had that sinking feeling that an item was missing. So I tore through the packages to take inventory. I got my knit (yeah!!!). Check. I got my print corduroy and black velour. Check. And that was it.  What no black stretch corduroy (and grey stretch corduroy)!!!! That was the entire reason for the order!  Uggghh. Not again!!!! I feel like it's taunting me. I always get so close and then that darn black stretch corduroy eludes me.
   It just so happens that the company I bought it from ran out--which I guess happens--and that's fine. However, the company (which will remain nameless) did not make me aware of this ahead of time, since it's not in their policy to do so. So I had to find out the hard way. Darn!!! But that's ok--because now this is personal and I'm going to hunt that black stretch corduroy down like I've never done before. Price is no longer a factor (I can't believe I just said that:) ), especially since I only need 2 yards for pants. Let me know if you Guys spot some.
   Ok now that I'm done ranting, I'm pretty happy with what I did get. I loved the cotton knit I bought from Best Online Fabrics (HomeJewel you were right!!!).   I don't have to explain to you why--I'm sure you gathered that from my last post. I love the colors in this one. My husband thinks the print is a bit much but I have some ideas on how to make this work. I have 2.5 yds and could spit it for a top and/or dress.

Now my biggest steal was this black velour fabric. It was at a deep discount--since this was the last of it. I got 3 5/8 yards for only $12.50 which is a steal considering that's the price of just one yard in Joann's.  I've always wanted a velour jumpsuit. Now I've got to find the right pattern. Let me know your recommendations. I recall Adrienne making a really cute one not too long ago!!! If only I could remember that pattern #....hmmmm.

This last piece I'm sorta on the fence about. I bought it for this simplicity pattern so I could make the skirt and vest for my daughter (you might recall I made the jumper a month ago).  Yhe print was a little bigger than I expected and might be a bit much. I'm debating whether to return it or not. I'll have to sleep on it.

It was great to get my fabric but I really hate I didn't get my black stretch corduroy. But hey that's life. The search goes on and one day--just one day--- the elusive black stretch corduroy will be mine-- Mark My Words!!! :)


  1. Very nice fabric. Hope you find your stretch corduroy.

  2. I love getting new fabric and when I am not getting new fabric, I love seeing what others have purchased. I have always had good luck with purchases from Best Online.


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