Saturday, November 28, 2009

Some of my previous work.....

Please feel free to check out the link to my sewing portfolio on facebook to see some of my previous work for both my clients and myself. It's here (note: I plan to upload these pics on my blog and include pattern numbers). I guess I failed to mention after I learned to sew (a story I still have yet to tell) that I started my own business in 2006. I named it Tailored Seams by Victoria. My business is centered around doing alterations and custom tailoring for my clients. I even taught classes for a summer to several students. I enjoy having a side business and take great joy in dressing my clients. It's amazing how impactive clothing is to one's self esteem and overall self confidence. Let's just admit it--Women love to feel attractive and clothing is the outward adornement that makes it possible (hopefully its their beautiful personality and demeanor that makes up the rest).

As you can imagine, if you thought sewing for yourself was difficult, sewing for others can be slightly more challenging. I've worked with clients having different proportions, styles, and personalities. It's been a great experience--challenging at times-- but very enriching. Nothing forces you to learn faster that when a crisis arises and you have to work through it. You know how it is. How does the old saying go "if something can go wrong it usually does". Good preparation and skill level helps keep this to a minimum. Ok, I've digressed. Please check out my work and let me know what you think.

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