Saturday, November 28, 2009

My Story Part 1

Ok, to be quite honest with you I don’t know how to exactly begin. I have contemplated beginning a blog for some time but have easily talked myself out of it. Hey, I enjoyed the 10+ blogs I frequently visited and have asked myself “Does the world need another blog?” Would it soon become overcrowded? Would mine sink into the pool of unread blogs? But that’s just how my mind works. It’s typical for me to over think these sorts of things.

I didn’t get my inspiration to begin a blog until I ran across the scientific observation of a neurologist named Daniel Levitin. According to him,”….ten thousand hours of practice is needed to achieve the level of mastery associated with being a world-class expert” (not just good genetics or any other factors). His studies have shown that people who have become extremely successful at a thing have worked extremely hard and was able to master their “craft” just around the time they logged 10,000 quality work hours—which usually amounts to about 10 years or so. Why is this inspiring to me you might ask? Well I’ve always desired to excel and become a great seamstress. Well by “always” I mean since I began sewing just a few years back, but that’s a story I’ll save for a rainy day :).

Now I know the 10,000 hours may seem daunting to some of you and to be quite honest it does, that is if until you break it down. Ten thousand hours a day for 10 years easily breaks down to 1000 hours a year which can be broken down to 19 hours a week or 2.8 hours a day. Not so bad huh? So if I can devote about 3 hours a day to becoming a better seamstress I’ll be on my way to my goal. Thanks for joining me on my journey!!!!!!


  1. That was very interesting. I've been sewing for more than 40 years so I guess I'm beyond 400,000 hours. If I'm an expert at anything, it's using a seam ripper!

  2. Thanks for your interest in my blog Knitmachinequeen:) Wow sewing for 40 years! How inspirational! Most people don't even stick with it that long. Got any words of wisdom for a young buck like me. Funny about the seam ripper. I guess you'll never outgrow one--no matter how long you've been sewing:)

  3. Victoria you never wrote how you got your start sewing. It seems you were already a fairly good seamstress when you began this journey. So I ask how did you learn to sew?


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