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Charlotte Ballet--2016 Nutcracker Costume pics......FINALLY!!!

This is a cute pic. Just realized that both sets of costumes are in this one. More costume pics below

Here are the Charlotte Ballet Nutcracker costumes I made for last month's performance. What's odd is last month was December but it feels like it was so long ago. I was VERY proud to have this opportunity and honor. You may recall my first foray into ballet costume work occurred when I did the 2015 Kansas City Ballet Nutcracker--Party Girl dresses. So I was pretty happy to do ballet costume work for a 2nd year in a row.  I have TREMENDOUS gratitude for the talented Holly Hynes, the costume designer for the opportunity. She's wonderful to work with.
Here she is in this commercial detailing the inspiration for this year's ballet. I had the privileged of seeing the show when it came to Charleston, SC and the costumes were DIVINE!!!! I think I drooled all through the show LOL!!!

Here are the lovely drawings done by Holly Hynes. I anticipated having other big projects around that time so I picked the simpler kids costumes---one's I knew I could accommodate in my schedule.

The China corp girl's costume consisted of a boatneck top in crepe back orange satin (crepe side up) and a snake applique on the front that wrapped around over the shoulder to the back with a snakehead with ruby red eyes.

The Ukrainian Girls who performed the GoPak dance--- Their blouses were authentic and ordered from the Ukraine. I created the custom belt made out of pink satin and their circle skirts made from midweight green polyester. Later  it was decide for the skirts to be lengthened and I added a Ukrainian type 2" wide ribbon to the bottom.

You can see the Ukrainian Girl's costume in this commercial at 0:34-0:38s in

Here's backstage pics of both sets of costumes. The China Corp girls---sorry I don't have a pic of the back with the snake head and garnet eyes. I made 8 tops and 8 pants.

....and the Ukrainian Girls. I made the 4 skirts and 4 belts.

Here is the video detailing all of my work! If I sound crazy it's because I was sleep deprived! LOLLLLL

So if you rewind things a bit you may recall that I traveled to Charlotte, NC in October to do the initial fittings. I posted some of these on my Instagram acct back then. Here I am in the Charlotte Ballet work room! It's huge! The candy cane costumes are to the left. So much eye-candy!

Fitting the China corp girls. I made the top in muslin--various sizes close to their measurements. We then pin fit them. We also did the same for the pants. Except the pants were already cut out in the final fashion fabric. I had to take in a few to account for the fittings. 

We also fit the Ukrainian girl outfits too. We adjusted the skirt by dropping the hem. I then later added trim to it to create a longer skirt per the designers instructions. Also, notice the belt prototype is in muslin. Wanted the designer to approve the design before I made the real thing.

Here's the final belt up close. It has pleating detail in the middle and a faux knot/sash in the front. It was made out of a really pretty shiny slubbed pink satin.

Anyhow LOVED this project!!! And I loved the final results!!!!

 Last but not least I want to dedicate this post to my favorite gal Lucky who lost her battle to cancer (leg tumor) 2 weeks ago. She was originally my Dad's dog but since his passing and other circumstances I received her a year ago. At the ripe "young" age of 16 she brought our family so much joy. She was so quiet---rarely barked but just always such a sweet presence.  She was my "road dog" for sure---always hanging in my sewing studio for every project. She's witnessed the highs and lows and always snuggled near me for support and to keep my feet warm on the cold days. I miss her dearly...boy do I miss her! Love you forever Lucky! Enjoy hanging out in Heaven with Dad :)


  1. Beautiful work! I miss you on The Tailor and the Dressmaker Show. I hope to see you and Mr. Jim on there soon. Sorry to hear about your dog's passing. I had a dog from childhood that passed at 16 years of age as well. She was the best, and actually saved me from being attacked by another dog. I like to think she is running around Heaven as well.

  2. Your costumes are wonderful! Such happiness in all of those dancers faces, and yours too. I'm so sorry about Lucky. They leave such a big hole when they go....

  3. I love your work. I also made ballet costumes for several years and loved it. It brought great joy to see the kids smiles over their costumes.

  4. Awesome and Thanks for Sharing. So sorry for the loss of your furry child.

  5. This is Awesome!! Thanks for sharing your journey!! I'm so glad this is all working out for you!!!!!!

  6. Congratulations on the costumes for the ballet! They came out beautiful! I am sorry for your loss, it's difficult losing a 4 legged friend, they give us so much unconditional love. Hugs to you!

  7. How wonderful to make costumes for the ballet--and for the Nutcracker, my favorite! And I'm sorry for the loss of Lucky--I know you and your family gave her the best last year of her life.

  8. Lucky looks adorable in her photo here. My girls are now 10 years old (two Dobermans and they are sisters. Check out my old blog for photos.) and getting a gray under the chin. I'm being nudged by one of them now because it is time to feed them :) My heart goes out to you for your loss. On a more joyful note: excellent job on the costumes.

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