Friday, November 21, 2014

Color Inspirations In Nature

I have to admit that out of all the things that inspire my fashion designing nothing does it more than colors!!!! I love the blending of beautiful colors. I almost forgot these pics I took this Summer when I visited the Columbia Zoo. I mainly took them as color inspirations. And as all things that are beautiful they are meant to be shared. Hope the beautiful colors of these animals inspire you as well.

 This photo doesn't do the color of this snake justice. I'd totally wear that shade of green in a fitted dress and possibly bind the neck and sleeve hem in the off-white!

 The patterns on this snake are just marvelous. I instantly saw a shift dress with the pattern that has a tan border. Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous!!!

 Another vivid green I'm head over heels in love with!!!

 My Kiddo made it into this pic but I love the coral reefs and all the colors they bring. Heck, I majored in Marine Science and I believe a HUGE part of it was my attraction to the beauty of the sea as a whole!!! I can imagine a variety of silhouettes in these colors!

 Vivid shades of blue are so divine!

This red and white shrimp in particular caught my attention. I love the bold contrast. I'd love that kind of striping to go down the side of a dress or be used in a crop top & skirt combo! Love, love, love!

It's always great to put yourself in a place where your imagination and creativity can be excited. Nature tends to do that alot for me. I'm curious, what sparks your sewing creativity???


  1. Yes those pictures are beautiful and inspiring. I love the colors! OK, so I have a question that I hate to ask because it's not logical. Like has something gone wrong with my visual perception or what?????? The snake in the 2nd picture. The tan and white that looks like a rope or another snake on top of is all one snake, right? And if that's his head at the far end that is shaped like a doesn't seem to coordinate with him very well...the shape. Do you know what kind of a snake he is?

  2. Hello, i know you've taken gentleman Kim's classes. Would you recommend it??

  3. The second picture caught my eye two and you can really see the inspiration for various ethnic patterns. The snake is indeed one snake. It is a Gaboon Viper and the sort of leaf looking part at the end is the top of its head. It has the longest fangs and the highest yield of venom of any venomous snake (if you're interested in that sort of thing).

    1. Oops, that was supposed to be "caught my eye too" not two.

  4. Yes, nature is quite an inspiration for colors and beautiful color combos.


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