Sunday, October 19, 2014

Lacing up a Corset Back Gown

I'm handing my client's wedding gown over in less than 24 hours and it sure feels good! A TON of work went into it but it turned out quite stunning!!!! The wedding is this upcoming Saturday so I'll have informal pics for you then. The back of the dress so happens to be a corset back. I ran across this video while looking for another tutorial. Glad I did, because I discovered I'd been lacing up the dress the wrong way. Who knew???? So I thought I'd share.....


  1. I disagree with this method. I start the same with both ends coming out, but then I thread IN on the left and OUT on the right all the way down until the last loop on the left, when I pass the end OUT. I think it makes a nicer look and is easier to tighten as you can pull on two ends on the right at a time, with your right hand, holding the previously tightened part in place with your left hand.

    1. Actually Gabrielle that's exactly how I was lacing up mine too. Guess there's more than one way to do it. You've got a point---it definitely a lot easier to tighten "our way". But I do like the look of that neat weave-like pattern from their method. I'll give it a try, if it makes tightening a pain then I'm switching back :)

  2. Sewing is something that is often a family tradition. I have been sewing for about five years now and I am still learning all that I can. This is not something that can be learned quickly.

  3. Thanks for sharing. It looks so lovely and neat. I never thought about where the ends went. Now I know.


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