Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Bride's Stretch Lace Jumpsuit/ Taking Chances

I mentioned before that I was making a Stretch Lace Jumpsuit for a Bride-to-Be to wear to her own wedding reception. Well we had our last fitting on tonight and I'm delighted (I'm screaming from the roof tops) that she LOVES IT!!! She gets married in June and is going to look so stunning. I just have to do a few small alterations but aside from that it fits her like a glove. I'm really amazed! Thank you Jesus!!! Now I'm not patting myself on the back until I hand her the final garment but I'm relishing in the idea that I was able to take her ideas and marry them with my own to create a one-of-a-kind piece for her. Out of respect for my client I can't show any pics of her in her jumpsuit before her wedding (I'll get the formal one's after the wedding) but here's a few pics of the lace I used......
 (stretch lace draped across my hand. Notice the texture and 2 different colors of threads)

(stretch lace with jet set knit backing) 

(stretch lace draped on dressform)

This lace is 4 way stretch with a floral pattern and has 2 different threads---matte white and a luminescent, shiny type. It's also a bit raised in texture which gives it added appeal. I'm not usually a lace fan. I actually find it to be quite boring. Maybe it was all of the doilys on my Mom's tables growing up. And there were tons of them LOL!  Fortunately I was able to find this particular stretch lace, (after hours and hours of online searches and fabric store search) at Gail K's while in Atlanta for the Sewing and Quilting Expo back in March.

 Of course the lace is sheer so I had to back it with not just one but 2 layers of white jet set--a knit typically used as a lining. I attached the lace to one layer of the jet set and used the other layer as a lining. It added some weight but not too much. Isn't bulky at all. I liked the jet set since it only had crosswise stretch and the lengthwise stretch was stable. It helped support and prevent the 4 way stretch lace from stretching all over the place. 

The overall inspiration for the textured lace jumpsuit idea came from that of  Kim Zolciak's jumpsuit. My client loved the look and wanted something similar but with WAY MORE COVERAGE lolllll!

(I love the textured lace)

(BTW The pattern I used was OOP Simplicity 2401)

Anyhow, I'm excited that she's excited. And I'm ecstatic that it turned out so well! Thank God for keeping me sane through it. Working with white always makes me a bit OCD and skittish!  And to think I had the biggest lump in my throat when she asked me to make this jumpsuit for her earlier this year. I mean I'm alot more comfortable sewing pants for folk then I used to (I've learned some tricks of the trade that I need to blog about) but to make something for such an important occasion definitely added to the pressure. I don't want to be pissing off any brides in Savannah! LOL! So when she  asked I said yes, committed myself to the job and learned alot along the way. This was the first time I made an entire outfit out of stretch lace, my first jumpsuit for another person (I've made plenty for me before) and my first Bride's Wedding Reception outfit (I've made a bridal gown before). Anyhow I say all that to say and to encourage you to take the leap of faith and jump out of your comfort zone. You may have no experience whatsoever doing something but with some grit, focus, resourcefulness and skill you'd be surprised what you can do. I know I usually am. And everytime you try something new you learn more and become a better sewer!!!  I saw this quote on FB and it resonated with me. It's definitely becoming more and more the story of life! Let's get out there and embrace new challenges and opportunities!!! Let's take some chances!


  1. How wonderful! It looks like you will have a pleased client who looks beautiful on her special day. Thank you for your encouraging words to persevere. I needed to hear that!

  2. Great job Victoria, you did an amazing job. Your client will look stunning in the dress. Always good to move out of our comfort zone.

  3. Stretch Lace Jumpsuit. Wow. And people scoffed at my rice paper wedding dress.

    I look forward to the photos. It takes quite a woman to pull that off, and an amazing one to make it for her. Dang.

  4. Wow, it takes an adventurous bride to be and an intrepid, talented seamstress to tackle this project. Sounds like both of you are as pleased as you should be. Thanks for the encouragment to keep learning and growing.

  5. So very cool. I can't wait to see the pics. I agree about taking that leap and trying it. That's how we learn.

  6. Like SJ, I'm dying to see the photos!!! Good for you trying something new and scary! It is quite a boost to your self-esteem and self confidence to have it turn out great and make the client happy!!!

  7. Congrats on your accomplishment and thanks for the encouragement! Excited to see the jumpsuit!

  8. Amazing! You've really taken your sewing to the next level. Good for you.

  9. This is a lovely idea. Looking forward to seeing the wedding day pictures of the finished garment.


  10. Waiting with baited breath to see the final results. I know you can't show the pics of the finished product until after the big day. No doubt you did a great job. Wish I could be there to see the groom's face when she walks down the aisle in your creation.


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