Sunday, February 12, 2012

NYC Trip details--- Day 1

It’s really nice being back in the Big Apple. My Hubby & I spent a week here a few years back to celebrate our anniversary. It’s nice being back for a quickie trip. Needless to say not much has changed. It’s still the high energy and busy city that I remembered. I love the energy, it’s invigorating!!!

On yesterday, I made it into town pretty early. I’m happy I did. I flew into Newark, NJ and had to take the bus to Manhattan. By the time I got done with that and re-familiarizing myself with the subway system it was nearly noon. Fortunately, my hotel room became available early so I was able to drop my bags and do some fabric shopping before my 4:30pm appointment with Andy from Andy’s Dressforms.

Again, I’ve visited the garment district before so I wasn’t all that surprised by the plethora of fabric shops. They were everywhere and I just took my time browsing through most. Surprisingly after shopping several hours I didn’t find too much that tickled my fancy. I just don’t like to buy fabric just to be doing so. I’ve already got tons and am actually in the process of downsizing. Despite my purchasing reservations it was so much fun to be surrounded by so much fabric!
(Self pic in one of the fabric stores)

 (fabric in every store from floor to ceiling)

I actually ended up finding one piece that I loved!!!! As I mentioned in an earlier post, fabric shopping for me is quite intuitive. As soon as I saw this piece I LOVED it!!! It’s some polyester knit but it’s in brown, off-white, and black. This photo doesn't do it justice but I'm thinking of making a fitted dress in this fabric. It will be fabulous!!!

I ended up picking up a few pieces out of the bargain bin from the same store. I’ve got no shame when it comes to hunting bargain fabric.  They were also knits. One is a rayon/cotton/spandex blend in raspberry, and the other two are neat shades of blue. One is "peacock" blue and the other is an "ice blue" color. Nothing special about them except the color.   They'll make cute tops or dresses with neat design ideas. I love color!!! 

 I then went by Andy’s Dressforms for my fitting appointment. I found his shop nestled in a building with a strip mall of other shops.

Andy was a very nice Indian man with a thick accent. He was wearing a ribbed tank top and apron and the front of him was covered in what looks like plastering material. He was hard at work when I arrived. His shop is a tiny thing lined wall to wall with various sized dressforms.
He was very gracious and welcoming. I explained to him that I came all the way to NYC so I could get a custom made dressform. Prior to meeting we'd spoken on the phone a few times. We talked over options and I decided on the standard dressform. He took my measurements and we discussed the issue of my short waist and high rear which he said he would use a little extra stuffing for my form.  I’ll send him a side profile picture to help him in sculpting my rear when he makes my form. We concluded the visit with a little chit chat and a promised finished product by next month. I was encouraged to call and constantly remind him so it gets done on time. I will definitely do that. I don’t think things would’ve went so smoothly hadn’t Amanda given me such helpful advice from her own experience. Thanks so much Amanda!!!!

I was pretty satisfied after that visit and my feet were a little tired from walking around all day. I headed back to my hotel and around the corner from it spotted this store. It's called Bra Smyth and their motto is 

they're “the bra fitting experts”. I really despise shopping for bras and finding the right style and fit is always time consuming. I thought I’d give them a try. Well I wasn’t disappointed. The first bra they gave me fit like a charm. I discovered I had my cup size right but was a size smaller in circumference. The downside was the $78 price tag.  Just a little much for my taste but it was fun being professionally fitted. And we all know how IMPORTANT having the right undergarments are to the fit of one's clothes. They're a worthy investment.

By the end of all of the shopping I was starving. I headed to a local market for some fruit and then on to a nearby Whole Foods Market. I’m so JEALOUS! We don’t have one of these in Savannah so anytime I travel I have to visit. Well the choices were overwhelming.

So what do you do when you can’t make up your mind? Just buy a little bit of everything. Nothing like a good dinner to go off of the hot bar.
 (Sweet chili wings, kale & sweet potaoes, spanish red potatoes, and some other fancy veggie mixes)

Plus they had gluten/soy free carrot cake. I nearly lost my mind. Hadn't had that since before my gluten free days. I nearly lost my mind!!! I'll need to make my own.

 I headed back to the hotel. I was so pooped that I ate, watched TV, and just passed out sleep. What a fun and busy day. Next up, Sunday's details....


  1. Sounds like a dream of a day! So envious that you are in NYC. Have fun enough for all of us :-)

  2. What an exciting day. Sounds like it is going to be an awesome trip. Have a great time!

  3. Having grown up in northern NJ, I must say..... I hate NYC! But... now living in Atlanta, Ga I appreciate all the stuff you can do in NYC that you can't do here.

    I'm glad you had a good trip

  4. I'm so glad you had a good time. I love the pic of your smiling face. Says it all!

  5. Glad you had a great day New York.

  6. Fun day! I'm glad you got to meet Andy and talk face-to-face. I always thought he was Italian - guess I had the accent way off!

  7. Great day, Victoria! Oh, how I wish I could get a custom made fitting form! Yes, and a bra fitting! When you get home,you'll be so glad you did all those things.

  8. Funnnnn! Thanks for sharing all the deets!

  9. Sounds like fun! WHere are you staying?

  10. SLSPE, I can understand that. I would never want to live in NYC and maybe not even on the outskirts. Visiting occasionally is what makes it exciting:) But lucky you for living in ATL. It's a smaller cool city.

    Adrienne, I stayed at the On the Avenue Hotel located on the Upper West side at 77th st. It was an online deal and was really nice!!! Would love to stay there again.

  11. I have to put a dress form on my wish list I want to try to make one even though I havr a store baught one now. But glad you enjoyed your trip to the city. So much fabric and a pain to have to mail or carry it back but it is a rush to see it all at one time when you go into stores

  12. Hi Victoria, I'm a bag and quilt pattern designer and am very happy to have discovered your blog after receiving a Burda email regarding your upcoming web seminar.

  13. I admire your dedication. 10,000 hours is a tall order. Love Gladwell's books. My fabric's become too precious and I've decided I need to solve 100% accurate custom dressform before I'm willing to take the scissors to more fabric.
    If you trek to NYC again, don't miss: Pacific Trim, MJ Trims and fast/hot/good Main Noodle House.
    Best of luck and thanks for publishing.



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