Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Itchin' to Knit .....and I NEED YOUR help!!!

I haven't knit in FOREVER! Seriously, It's definitely been several years. Remember, I taught myself to knit and crochet when I was like 8 and did it for years. I've never did any fancy socks or cardigans but I sure could churn out some afghans, pillows, and other crafty stuff. Well I've had the sudden urge to knit up a scarf or several scarves. Mainly because I've recently became obsessed with scarves and would definitely like to make a few of my own. Secondly, I'll be out of town this weekend for Christmas and would like to bring something I could work on while I'm away from my Babies (my Sewing machines). I used to knit scarves back in the day and would defintely like to pick it back up.

In search of  a quick scarf pattern to accomplish this weekend, I ran across this Lion Brand pattern

Let's just say I was immediately SMITTEN! I love the style and look of this scarf. It's perfect! Plus it could be made relatively quickly---in a couple of hours or so. So today I set out to look for the yarn and the size 50 Knitting needles (those babies are huge). Well I found the needles at Michael's but after looking at Jo-Ann's, Michael's, and Wal-Mart for the yarn I turned up empty handed. I'm running out of options. Where can I find this in town. Tomorrow I'll check A.C. Moore and Hancock Fabrics. I'm getting desperate!!! Where can I find this yarn????? I hope I find it so I can have it for my weekend trip. But if not, I still want it.
This is where I can use your help. I know I can purchase this online---at the Lion Brand site, Jo-Ann's,, and a few more places (I even checked Ebay). I just don't want to pay the $7+ a skein. Are there any discount yarn sites that you use and recommend? I'm certain I can find this for cheap online somewhere. If not then I can get it from Jo-Ann's. Can you use your mailed coupons for online purchases? I'm just trying to find the cheapest way to get the yarn I need to make the "scarf of my dreams". Thanks in advance for your advice.


  1. That scarf looks great. I can see why you are smitten with it. You can sign up for emails from Jo-Ann's and you will get online versions of the coupons from the flyers they mail out. I would also check Hobby Lobby if you have one by you. I know ours always has a better selection of yarn than Jo-Ann's does.

  2. I can not help you, but I feel your frustration on my skin, I found myself as on other occasions.

  3. have you tried Wild Fibre downtown? They have some AMAZING yarn!!

  4. That scarf looks like it would work up quickly. Perfect for out of town trips. I think Jo's does let you use their coupons online by entering in a code. The person who mentioned Hobby Lobby might be on to something. Happy Knitting!

  5. I just started knitting again too, so that I'll have something to do while I'm traveling for the holidays. Sewing just isn't portable enough!

    If you end up ordering the yarn online at Joann, I think the online codes are different from the ones in the mailer. You can sign up for the email list but it may take a few days to get your first email, which may be too late. I've got an email coupon I'm not going to use. If you want, I can forward it on to you - I read through the small print and that seems kosher to do. There are also some coupon codes on that may work.

  6. Thanks Kim, you're so sweet! I'll keep your offer in mind if I should need it. I thought I'd subscribed online but apparently not. I need 4 skeins of yarn and don't want to have to buy them separately with discounts and pay shipping. Looks like I may have to wait for a yarn sale.

    Barb, I'll check out the store in town. Thanks so much for the info!

  7. I just got my after Christmas Jo-Ann's flyer and they are having a good yarn sale next week!


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