Monday, September 6, 2010

Fabric Give-A-Way WINNERS!!!

On late August I posted about my Fabric Giveaway HERE. A condition to the giveaway was to leave a comment on my post detailing how you keep track of your fabric stash.  Some of you had systems and some not, some of you had tons of fabric and others only kept only enough to complete their projects. All in all, I really appreciate all of the wonderful insights each of you shared.

Now it's time to giveaway some fabric.

I used the old fashioned "pull-the-number-out-of-the-box" system. There were 39 comments and each commentor was assigned a nmber. The first received the number 1, the second the number 2, and so on and so forth. I received help in drawing names from my lovely assistance (my Wee-One who recently turned 3). She so graciously pulled a number out of the box and selected from the fabrics which were separately written on two pieces of paper and placed on the table. My daughter got really excited about doing the drawings that is until she found out Daddy had cookies in the kitchen. So we had to make this drawing quick (wink)!!!
(Digging in for numbers)
(Pairing the selections)
(Here are the selections...)
(Numbers up close with paired fabrics It's hard to see but the top left number is 9 and the the bottom left number is 1)

So it is my pleasure to announce that Lover of Words is the winner of the Blue,white, gold and aubergine floral lycra and Sewsue is the winner of the Black and white abstract print knit. Congrats ladies and please email me at to let me know where I need to send the fabric. Thanks again for everyone's participation. If you didn't win, there will be plenty more opportunities in the future. Giveaway's are soooooo much fun and I plan on having them periodically!!!!


  1. Goodness your daughter is precious! Those sweet pigtails! Awhh!

    Congrats to the winners!

  2. Aww, a little sad I didn't win, but congrats to the winners! I know they will put the fabric to good use!!

  3. Congrats to the winners... yay! And your helper is just simply adorable! I love her smile... so genuine...


  4. Congratulations to the winners!! Victoria, your daughter is absolutely adorable!!!

  5. I just want you to know that I don't hold it against your daughter that she didn't pull my name. All is forgiven. 8-)

  6. I sent you my address I hope that you got it. thanks again for picking me.


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