Monday, July 26, 2010

Simplicity 3867......One more time....

You've seen this top before. I made it in a great mustard yellow color HERE. Well it turns out that I bought a red version of the same embroidered cotton fabric. Since I loved the yellow version so much, I figured it would only be right to make it in red fabric. So here it is. It looks way better on me then my form (that's a first!!!)LOL!!!  It's made the same way as the original with the exception of a few changes. It turns out that I read the instructions wrong and flipped the tie up (instead of down) which made the waist tie look too high------ oh, silly me!  So I've got to take a small part of the zipper apart to flip the waist tie down. I also used a polyester lining since I ran out of fabric. BTW,  I seriously boycotted the hook and eye. I hate those little buggers!!!! I'll probably add a button and loop instead. Needless to say a repeat of a pattern always spells love for me.  I soooooo love this top and plan on making it for years to come.
  (Front View. Excuse all of the wrinkles, I wore it all day yesterday)
  (Back view: Notice how the waist band looks high. The band should be flipped down instead of up. I'll fix it later this week.)


  1. Cute top, it's pretty in red! It's so nice to have a pattern you know and trust!
    I made this pattern a while ago but the fabric I chose was too stiff and didn't fall softly around the body, but stuck straight out.

  2. Pretty top, I love red, I'll bet it looks really great on you!

  3. Looks pretty.... I hope it looks great on you!

  4. Very pretty! That top, made in a glitzy fabric fo evening or winter holidays would be fabulous too.

  5. Twice as nice, love the red.

  6. It looks wonderful! Love it in red!!


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