Sunday, July 11, 2010

Back on the Grind: May/June Sewing Goals recap and July/August Sewing Goals

 Heading into the May/June 10,000 Hr challenge finish line I felt like I lost a bit of steam. Well I'm ready to geared up again!!! It's time to get disciplined again and get back on track. Remember, I'm still trying to rack up my 1000 hours for the year. I'm almost half way there (I'll post the exact hours later this week). I have to admit, I didn't do half bad in May and June. I made 8 pieces which of course you can see pics of them in the PR review windows on the right or just click the links below:
May/June 10,000 Hour Sewing Challenge Recap

* Simplicity 3877 (Mother's Day dress)
*McCall 6119 (halter top)
*Simplicity 2406 (Wadder )
*McCall 5041 (sheath dress)

*Nursing Pillows (2 of them, gifts for my nephews)
*Simplicity 3503 (Maxi Dress)
*Kwik Sew 3503 (My First Swimsuit)

The two pieces I was most happiest with were my Simplicity 3503 Maxi dress (which I wasn't too sure was going to work with that huge print and loud bright green color) and my first swimsuit, Kwik Sew 3503.

July/ August 10,000 Hour Sewing Challenge Goals

For July and August I intend to spend my time trying to create a bigger summer wardrobe, full of interchangeable and fun pieces. Since I live in Savannah, it's bound to be HOT until October, so my clothes will definitely get good wear. It seems I'll be doing a continuation of May/June challenge details which I posted HERE.  I still need MORE PLAY CLOTHES!!! That means no complicated dresses, tops, etc. I'm all about EASY to sew, cute pieces such as shorts, tops, quick dresses, etc. I'm tired of trying to find decent clothes to go out in. It seems my wardrobe is currently composed of semi-formal clothes (for church) and some cute casual clothes.  I need more casual-but-cute clothes. Well I've already gotten started. I'm working on another Kwik Sew 3503 swimsuit in this great black and white swimsuit fabric with flecks of silver.....
It's a comic strip with a female Super Hero!!! I've had this in my stash forever and have been wanting to use it for quite some time. It's so cool. Can you say Girl Power!!!

Next in queue is another Simplicity 3503 maxi dress and Simplicity 3867 top. Don't be surprised if you see multiple versions of a pattern or I revisit some patterns from the past. Here's some possible patterns I plan to use....
 I am on a mission to restock my wardrobe!!! Well let me run off to sew. I wish you guys the best in your sewing ventures!!!!!


  1. WOW Victoria, looking at your list, you've done quite a bit so far and I'm certain you'll meet your 10K! I absolutely love the fabric for your new's adorable and you're correct, it's perfect for a swimsuit!! I can't wait for you to complete it! Good Luck

  2. You go gurl! I love that super hero fabric! how fun!!!!!

  3. LOVE the girl power swimsuit fabric!

  4. Girl power! Congrats on getting half way to your goal - that's amazing! And I'm sure you'll make tons of gorgeous stuff during the 2nd half of the year. Can't wait to see :)))

  5. You're doing fantastically, summer notwithstanding! I slowed down in May and June for so many reasons (vacation, kid events, new job, parents visiting etc.) and I spent today working on another bra. Almost finished. Wish me luck...

  6. You really did well in May/June! Look at everything you made!!!

  7. I am in awe of this goal and you seem to be on track! Amazing!

  8. Very admirable! You have made good and well made clothes! Looking forward to more of your projects!

  9. I am so inspired by your blog, your commitment to improving your skills and how balanced you seem to be in your approach to life. I have been following you for a month or so and will be setting down my goals in an organized plan.
    Love, love, love this site.


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