Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Nature of Inspiration: I Met One of my Blog Readers

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I’d unexpectedly run into one of my blog readers but that is exactly what happened on last Thursday evening. Although I was supposed to be finishing up my swimsuit (you know the one featured in my last post) I decided to have a “date night” and go see a movie with my hubby, especially since our daughter was at a sleep over. In a last minute effort to get a quick bite before the flick we stopped by the nearby mall so I could grab something from Chick-fil-A.   While waiting on my food, I looked up to a woman who seemed to be addressing me. She smiled and said she didn’t mean to stare but that she recognized me. That’s when she proceeded to mention that she knew me from my blog. Well to be quite honest, I was almost certain that I was being mistaken for someone else.  I mean, I’ve been mistaken for other people lots of times before.  Seriously, what were the odds that I would bump into someone who actually read my blog? I reluctantly mentioned that I did have a sewing blog and wholeheartedly expected her to realize her mistake. But with the brightest smile she went on to tell me that she followed my blog and found it to be very inspirational.  Initially, to be quite honest, I was stunned. I was extremely flattered and humbled all at the same time. If I were of a lighter complexion I’m certain my face would have turned red. What a nice compliment. After I quickly got over the shock of it all, we spent the next few moments we chatting like school girls talking about our favorite bloggers, sewing projects, etc. 

She went on to introduce herself and inform me about her blog. Her name is Jennifer and she’s about the kindest people you could ever meet!!! Her blog is Savannah Southern Belle And from the look of it she’s as Big of an inspiration herself to those of her followers (one I’m happy to be as well). Although we probably only spoke for all of 5 minutes, just knowing I inspired her gave me the motivation to keep doing what I'm doing.

I guess for me, being someone prone to find the deeper meaning in things, I can’t help but think of the bigger implications of what we do.  We as bloggers put ourselves out there. We bear our mistakes, we share our victories, we show our strengths, and we display our weaknesses. We take the bitter with the sweet.   And for what?  All in the name of making beautiful clothes and utilizing our creative license. And somewhere along the way we carve out a niche for ourselves. True enough a lot of it is done in the name of fun but is in no means less impactive.

 I have to admit, years before I was even started blogging I was following the likes of Erica Bunker, Amanda’s Adventures in Sewing,  Adrienne, The Slapdash Sewist, Mimi Goodwin, the Mahogany Stylist, Two on Two Off, etc,etc, etc. It was a lot of their work that inspired me to pursue my own. And I’m so delighted to be one in the number and to have met so many new and talented people!!!!  I think the greatest things you can do in life is TO INSPIRE someone and to BE INSPIRED. I’m learning you can’t take that for granted. It doesn’t matter if you have 2 followers or 2000, it’s a great honor and privilege nonetheless.

To all of you who are inspired by others be sure to let them know.  And to those of you who do the inspiring yourselves keep doing what you’re doing. Inspiration, in it's very nature is indeed the gift that keeps on giving:)

So with that said, by all means.........BLOG ON!!!!


  1. I agree with your post wholeheartedly as I have been inspired (and helped) by so many other bloggers. I also try to remember to let people know that they have been an inspiration. I know my sewing skills have improved from the help of such giving people.

  2. How cool to actually meet a fellow blogger, there are several I would love to meet one day and the inspiration is priceless.

  3. What a sweet post! It was a very fun and unexpected moment the run into a fellow blogger! I definitely think we should try to get together one day for a fabric shopping trip or at least a coffee! :) Keep on blogging!

  4. I had the great privilege of meeting one of my bloggers as well. It was a wonderful experience. It meant so much to me. She has enriched my life greatly and become a good friend and mentor. And to think I would have never known her if it weren't for blogging. I am actually posting about our meeting this morning, photo and all.

    I have certainly been very inspired by other bloggers, yourself included; and I have learned so much from these beautiful, mostly women. (There's Paco Peralto and Peter) But it is hard for me to think of myself as an inspiration. But maybe I am. I mean I do have a good number of followers; so I guess there is a reason for that. Your words are an encouragement for me to keep doing what I am doing in the hopes that I may inspire someone out there.


  5. Your POST Victoria, is soooo inspiring! I really enjoy, like all of you, anything to do with sewing! Blogging about it is the icing on the cake! But to know that something you enjoy so much, just talking about it, could inspire just one, is a blessing! Your post confirms it!

  6. I agree with the statement of Jennifer that you are an inspiration but that is what happens when your passion is in full effect. I love Whitney Houston as a singer, singing is her passion and when she sings it comes through and that is the same when you sew and share your feeling come through and that is inspiring to me and others and guess what? What you probably thought silly once has been confirmed as one of the best decisions you have made and that what keeps the flames fanned. Stay Blessed!!!GOOD JOB

  7. What a fantastic story. You're a veritable sewing star!

  8. You are truly an inspiration to me. I visit your blog on a regular basis,and I enjoy it for the simple reason you do inspire others by sharing your victories and failures. Which is the main reason for my sewing network; not just for me to be an inspirtion, but for others that join our community to inspire each other.
    Thanks for all you do!

  9. You Guys are indeed too kind! I honestly feel I get SOOOOO much more than I give. Your encouragement, suggestions, comments, etc. helps me so much. I know I'm indeed inspired by you guys but as I mentioned even the thought of inspiring others, something I never set out to do, is icing on the cake for me:)

  10. That is so cool! I had a reader say she thought she was behind me in line at Hancock's one time, but I wasn't there that day - good thing she was shy! Now whenever I fabric shop I look at the other shoppers to see if I recognize anybody!


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