Monday, July 26, 2010

Need to Buy Personalized Clothing Labels??? Any Suggestions???

I can't believe I've been sewing for all of these years without my own personalized sewing labels. Actually I've been thinking about it (and collecting information) for years but I held off on getting some because I was waiting to establish a logo for my business.  Well the longer I wait the more clothes I sew that go label-less. Besides, I'm working to  increase my client sewing so I definitely want to provide my clients with a finished garment containing a professional sewing label. So I've decided to go ahead and get some labels. They probably won't have an official business logo, but I might add an image or either just go with my name. I'm tired of waiting and  have to do something at this point. My garments just don't seem complete without a label.

I've looked at several different companies and would appreciate your input. So far I'm sold on World Wide Label whhich seems to have the best deal of 300 labels plus design and words for $44.95. Has anyone worked with them? Do you know of another company that does great work? I would appreciate all of your input!!!
Well I've got to hop to the task of designing my label! I've designed my business cards which turned out really good so hopefully I can produce a decent clothing label. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for all of your input!!!


  1. So sorry Victoria I've not worked with them so I can't help you. I think it's awesome that you're at that level to have your own label now. I have a ways to go yet! Good Luck and if I hear of any good vendors, I'll let you know right away.



  3. I read on a blog somewhere about this Ebay Seller.
    The person who bought their labels was very happy with postage costs and with quality which is why I have added it to my favourite sellers on Ebay.
    Hope that's helpful.

  4. Thanks for doing this post. I've been needing to purchase some labels for a while and your website reference looks like a great resource! I really need to think of a name or design. Lindsay sews labels look really nice. You should go for it!

  5. Thanks for this post. I'm also looking for labels. I'm looking forward to seeing the final design.

  6. I have gotten mine from They do woven labels and Printed. They are the only place I have been able to find with under a hundred minimum. I wanted that since this was the first time I bought labels and wasn't sure how they would turn out. They also sell sizing and care instruction labels.

  7. The latest issue of Threads featured Woven Labels Plus in their 'Notions' section. The Web site is They also offer size label, etc. No affiliation, just sharing.

  8. Jennifer's Jewels on Etsy....she's amazing...I use two different labels, one for my Etsy Shop and one for the stuff I sew for my son...and believe me, the quality is amazing!! They hold up to tons and tons and tons of washing!

  9. A few weeks ago, my DD suggested these site:
    I am on the hunt for some new labels. World Wide Labels has a great deal. And there labels appear to be top quality. My current labels are simple. You can see one of my designs here:


  10. I bought some labels from I found them to be quite nice- maybe not very high-end, but I quite liked them

  11. You can try your hand at making and customizing your own labels. Follow this link for more information.
    Sally gives a tutorial to show you how.

  12. I ordered mine from the U.K. so it must be out of the question for you...

  13. For the ultimate in personalization for labels I invite you to

    We're not a big company but we work hard to do a good job!

    Check us out!

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