Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Need Some More "Play Clothes"-- May/June 10,000 Hr. Challenge Goals

Whoever coined the saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder" OBVIOUSLY DIDN'T SEW! In my world, absence (from sewing) makes me NUTTY for sure!!! April was a crazy month due to my out of town work assignment to AK. I didn't hardly get to sew anything for my March/April 10,000 Hr. Challenge goals. Out of the 6-8 pieces I was planning to sew, I only managed to get following 4 items done, and one of them was a WADER.

Vogue 8593
Butterick 5225 ---WADER
Simplicity 3867
Vogue 1182 Kay Unger dress

Well I'm definitely trying to make up for it in my May/June 10,000 Hr. Challenge goals. Since the last month was so serious I figure I need some time to play. You know, time to chill out some, sew, and take things a little easy. Well if I'm going to play then I need some PLAY CLOTHES!

Here's some of the patterns I intend to tackle:
 I hope to get at least 6-8 pieces done!

I'm even planning to add a swimsuit or two! Yipee! Here are a few of my fabrics. I especially like the Girl Superhero Comic strip fabric which I've had in my stash forever! How cute would that be in a tankini!

Well this is currently what I'm working on......  Isn't this print just dizzying! That's what I love about it!

Anywho, happy sewing to you! Hope you're able to get alot of sewing done:)


  1. I am looking forward to seeing your new sewing projects on your blog. For me, Simplicity 6070 was a wadder--big time! But I have seen it made by others with more experiece and it looked great. Slinky knit is evil, just an FYI I learned from that project. I copied down some of your pattern selections to purchase too. Welcome back to the hot and humid South!

  2. Can't wait to see the Cynthia Rowley dress in the "dizzying" print!

  3. When you make your swimsuit, please be very detailed about how and why you do everything. I am planning to make a swimsuit but never have before and I am utterly confused and directionless.

  4. I found your blog while searching for info on blind hemming. I'm now a follower. I'm new to the world of sewing (after my HS class 30 years ago). I'm quilting/craft sewing, but I want to try my hand at clothing.

    I have a few clothing patterns, and have done a refashion or two, but have yet to really take the plunge into apparel.

  5. I am so looking forward to seeing all your completed projects especially the Cynthia Rowley dress which I have had my eye on for a while and also your swimsuit.

  6. Ooo do the Cynthia Rowley dress next!! I'd love to see that sewn up!

  7. Love that dizzying print! You've got some great projects planned.

  8. lol I have that exact same pink and gray print that your planning a swimsuit from. I made a cowl neck tee from it. Its on my blog and I still have it with me.

  9. I have both those McCall's swimsuit patterns! I just ordered swatches from fabric.com because my Hancock's only has a few colors to choose from. Where did you get your swimsuit fabrics? I can't wait to see what you do!!!!

  10. Hey Sister,
    Yeah, over the years I haven't been too impressed with the swimsuit fabrics from my local Joann's or Hancocks. So I've kinda collected along the way. The two fab's on the left are from fashionfabricclub.com. They were on sale for like $2/yd when I bought them this time last year. The fab on the right came from a local fabric store which used to get it's fabrics from NY! They closed down years ago unfortunately. Yeah I saw Fabric.com's new swimsuit fabrics and some are quite cute. I'm not big on all of the tropical prints but that's just my style. Definitely keep me posted on how you progress on your suit:)


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