Monday, January 11, 2010

Impatiently awaiting fabric.....

  I'm so fidgety right now!!! I have my next project on the table and need to be cutting it out but I can't seem to concentrate. And it's all over fabric! How pathetic is that! LOL!!!
  Last week I ordered 2yds of black stretch corduroy, some floral corduroy print (for my daughter) and some black velour fabric at a deeply discounted price from the Fashion fabric club. I've been hunting the black 14 wale stretch corduroy for AGES!!!! Well I've ran into it before but not for the nice price of $4/yard. I've always wanted some black corduroy pants. I then ordered some really pretty knit fabric from one of my favorite sellers from eBay  here---although this was the first time I ever ordered something from here.         Geesh---the shipping and handling was half the cost of the fabric. Frankly sometimes I'm just way too cheap when it comes to buying online fabric with extra shipping and handling fees. I really appreciate when I can get those free shipping deals!
  Anywhoo......I haven't seen "hide nor hair" of either one of my orders. Sigh.Sigh (again).
  Mr.UPS Man I hope you pay me a visit real soon!


  1. I recently received an order from BOF on eBay. I was NOT disappointed! Be sure to post what you bought :)

  2. Mr. UPS man will be bringing your goodies in no time. That is a package worth waiting for!

  3. HomeJewel, Nice to have a fellow BOF shopper. I'll definitely post pics of my goodies!

    Susan, you're right! Good things come to those who wait (wink)!


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