Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sewing Textbooks on the Radar

There are a few NEW construction and patternmaking Fairchild books that I would love to get my hands on. I'm self taught to a large degree so I depend on good textbooks (and DVD's, etc) to help me improve my skills.  Although I own a load of books on a wide array of sewing subjects, I'm very particular about the textbooks I purchase--especially since they're so expensive. I only like the one's that are used in major universities and are well reviewed. Here are the 3 I'm looking at....


(I have several patternmaking books already. I can never just own one book on a subject. I like to look at that subject from different angles. It's what I call--"layered learning".


 (For obvious reasons--who wouldn't want more insight into the world of couture methods.)

And The Flat Patternmaker's Handbook hitting the shelves in Feb 2010 (No cover design yet)

And an older book I'd love to get would be....

 I'll keep my eyes out for these. I'll track them down on sale somewhere and eventually add them to my collection.

Fortunately  I live in the same city with SCAD (the Savannah College of Art and Design) . Oftentimes I like to visit their bookstore and check out the books being used in their courses. Unfortunately each class is $2000 so I won't be taking any classes from there anytime soon. I'd only be interested in the draping or patternmaking one's anyway.  I'd love to take a few classes from Georgia Southern but I can't seem to align that with my full-time work schedule. So as you see I kinda have to teach myself and learn from the wonderful wealth of info that other bloggers share. Which is long as I'm learning about my favorite subject, I can't complain:)

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