Monday, January 4, 2010

Vogue 1020

If you can recall I started this dress sometime mid-December,missplaced my guidesheet, found it a week or so later and just got around to finishing it. This was an easy sew and doesn't count as one of my January-February challenge garments. Thank goodness it's finally done so I can move on to my other options.

Pattern Description:
Close-fitting dress with side zipper opening on one side and gathers on the other.
Pattern Sizing:
Size 12
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
Yes!!!! It was identical!!!

(a  closer view)
Were the instructions easy to follow?
Very much so!
What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
For the most part I loved everything about the pattern with the exception on how the neckline is finished.
Fabric Used:
Burgundy matte jersey with orange and tan geometric prints

(Believe it or not I'm not one for "really" fitted garments--I'm not that brave. I'd love to find a sweater that I can pair with this dress).

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:
This pattern really is close-fitting and I should have did my usual size 12 bodice and size 14 for the waist and below. I was able to add a little extra on the sides by reducing the seam allowance. Fortunately my fabric had a good deal of stretch so it worked out well. I also omitted the zipper because of my fabric's stretchiness. I was pretty much almost done with the dress when I decided that I didn't really care for how the neckline was finished. The pattern calls for a narrow hem by pressing 5/8 under and then folding that under and sewing. To me that just seemed so unfinished. After consulting a few of my sewing books I came up with a couple of ideas. I thought about doing a bias binding with self fabric or using a narrow fusible to try and "stablilize" (I use this lightly since you don't really want to stabilize a knit completely) the neckline before folding it under and sewing. After toying with several ideas I settled on serging the neckline and doing a staystitch 1/2" away. Then I turned the neckline down and pressed using the staystitch as a guide (keeping the stitching on the inside so not visible from the outside). Then I folded the serged edges under and sewed the neckline using a small zigzag stitch. It wasn't until this morning that I figured out that I simply use a coverstitch or a twin needle the next time---duh???. I guess that's why sometime it's good to "just sleep on it" instead of stressing and obsessing about an issue:).
Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
Absolutely. I have a tendency to use simple dress patterns like this one with funky prints.
This is a great pattern. It's both easy to sew and yields wonderful results!

(Some of the Reference books I consulted. It's cool when you do a little research because you inadvertently gain so much additional info. I got a serious lesson on facings and bindings. I got some ideas for a future project.)


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