Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hi, my name is Victoria, and I’m Addicted to Knits

I'll say it again. Hi, my name is Victoria, and I’m Addicted to Knits.
It’s true and it’s about time that I actually admit it. I didn’t realize that my addiction was so bad until this morning. On my way to work I found myself fantasizing about this  dress and the perfect knit fabric I had in my stash to go with it. It then dawned on me I didn’t have enough of the fabric and I would need to go back to Joann’s to pick up some more.  The possibility of there not being any fabric left to buy slowly began to bring a sense of panic to my mind. Before it went any further (sweaty palms, nausea, uncontrollable crying, etc---LOL!), I caught myself and snapped out of it. Then I did what most people in denial do. I began to talk myself out of my “newly realized” addiction. But then my mind became bombarded by all of the facts which quickly dissolved my counter -argument.
The FACTS are…………
My wardrobe is comprised of at least 80% knits (this includes T-shirts, cute tops, pants, dresses etc) .
I wear some form of knit at least 5 days out of the week.
At least 65% of my fabric stash consists of knits or woven fabrics with some percentage of stretch (cotton sateen, stretch poplin, etc.).
I love the comfort and fit that knits and stretch fabrics provide.
Nothing makes me happier then to find a knit and stretch fabric with a gorgeous print.
Knits and stretch fabrics are my favorite fabrics to shop for!!!

I feel it is my DUTY to try out  any new knit pattern I can get my hands on.
This  realized "addiction"  has indeed been a long time coming. But it sure does feel good to finally recognize it and admit it. I guess we all like what we like and have some sort of fabric “addiction”.  Maybe in the world of sewing these addictions aren’t such a bad thing. Maybe our addictions help to unlock our creative minds.  What are your thoughts?
Since I know I'm not the only addict out there (please don't tell me I am) ---it's your turn to introduce yourself. What fabric are you addicted to and why? Don't forget to say your name:)


  1. Welome Victoria. Hi, I'm Kelly and I too am addicted to knits and stretch fabrics. Being a plus size girl, these fabrics are definitely more forgiving and give the best opportunity for the perfect fit.

  2. I love knits also. Like LOVE! When I first started sewing I didn't know that people were afraid to sew with knits lol. I Just jumped right in there and living in the south, its still my FAVORITE fabric lol.

  3. Victoria will you email me privately at

  4. SLSPE (sorry for the abbreviation)--I plan to do dress C!

    Kelly and Adrienne it's so refreshing to have fellow knit addicts!!!

  5. I really admire that you can sew knits. I am quite hesitant to sew knits. Away, do you have any tips on how you would sew knits. It would be of great help really. :)

  6. Hi I need to know if you have a video or sewing instructions for copying a favorite pair of pants?


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