Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Spring Pattern's

I'm sure most of you know Simplicity and McCall's released their new Spring patterns a couple of weeks ago. Well I've been sweating bullets, waiting for them to go on sale (because you know I don't pay full price for a pattern--I know you don't either). Finally Hancock's had McCall's for $1.99 and Simplicity's  for $0.99. If you missed this sale, Joann's I believe have them on sale either next week or the week after next.

Boy, I could't get off work fast enough to get to them. I headed straight to the pattern cabinets since I always look them up ahead of time online and make my picks. Finally, I got my "babies", before they were sold out and I'm so glad. This is what I wrangled up. Sorry the picks are blurry!

 (I'm so happy I finally got Cynthia Rowley's pattern. I could live in that knit dress--seriously--like everyday. It looks so comfortable.)

 (I got some good picks for everyone in my family. I've always wanted to make a shirt or two for my hubby. I'm looking forward to taking on that challenge in the future.)

(And a few accessories. Ok, I finally gave in and got a Snuggie pattern--not that a patterns needed to make it since its so easy to sew! I can't believe these things are so popular The idea is indeed a great and simple one!!!)

Overall I was pleased with the McCall & Simplicity spring patterns and was able to get some good one's. I can't wait to see what Butterick & Vogue releases.


  1. I got the snuggie pattern too, my GS requested one and I just couldn't say No, hope to have it done over the long weekend.

  2. I too have a list of Simplicity patterns for the JA sale tomorrow. My non-sewing friends wonder about me that I can name the sale dates but forget so many other things:-)

  3. Hi, I have the fashion accessories pattern too. Have not started on it yet. WOuld love to see your project!

    Great buy. I love to wait for the sale before I buy the patterns. :)

  4. Ooo, me too. So excited about that Cynthia Rowley dress.


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