Tuesday, January 5, 2010

50% off Thread DVD's SALE!!!

I love to pass on sale info when I get it. A couple of days I was "stalking" the Threads 2009 Magazine Archive DVD-ROM and ran across the information about the sale. Unfortunately the Magazine Archived DVD-ROM  isn't on sale (boo-hiss) but some other DVD's are. You can find more info here http://store.taunton.com/onlinestore/catalog/crafts/best-sellers. I don't need anything since I already own the Threads Fitting DVD series & The Best of Threads Vol 1 (although the Industry Insider DVD's look a little tempting--but remember I just like collecting DVD's since there are so few out there). But I think I'll hold out for the 2009 Magazine Archive DVD-ROM. Let me get back to my stalking.......... it may take some time but I'm determined to get that at a discounted price!


  1. The Industry Insider DVD's look very tempting. I may treat myself to it. If I do I'll let you know how I like it.

  2. Of course, the one dvd set I really want isn't on sale. That's an okey-doke sale, you go on the site to look for that set and end up buying something else. I'll hold out...but I want it badly.


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