Sunday, December 6, 2009

Seeing Double (or More) .........

These are two patterns that I fell SO in love with this year that I couldn't help but make duplicate and triplicate copies. Here they are.....

Vogue 1027

Oooooh, how I love these dresses!!! The white and blue dress is my favorite of all time. So light and flowy---and has pockets!!! This is a go-every-where dress and always makes it easy for me to move, bend, squat, etc. as needed without exposing myself. It's a perfect picnic dress.

(Tan/Brown dress pictured without belt)

Simplicity 2925
A very fun and flirty dress that I wore all summer long! It was perfect for my tall, slim frame and accentuated my narrow shoulders!

I've since had to retire these two patterns but who knows they can easily make a comeback. There are no REAL rules when it comes to sewing, right? And only YOU know of my little secret (wink)! We shall see.... Which patterns were your favorite and why?


  1. Your dresses are cute.. I like the fabrics...

  2. These are gorgeous dresses. Super fabric choices too!

  3. Hi Victoria, your Blog is awesome, i love it.

    Have a nice day

    Margarita :O)

  4. I know these dresses were made last year but they are wonderful. Where do you shop for fabric. I especially like the brown and tan dress.


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